Winters’ Dismay

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Before I begin, I want to congratulate President Obama on his re-election bid. Lets hope the next four years are better than the past four. And one other note, Linda McMahon should give it up and not run for anymore public office positions. I understand she spent nearly 90 million dollars on this latest bid. Wow, talk about a waste of money. Course, if she is done with this ridiculous idea, maybe the WWE will finally drop this PG thing and get back to the way it was and set forth with a better product for the future. Enough on my political rant…It has been a long time since I have had the ambition to write on anything regarding wrestling. I need to chime in on my opinion on what will be happening to CM Punk in the ensuing months as well as Ryback and other thoughts on WWE.

First and foremost CM Punk’s record, there is no doubt in my mind that he will get past the one year mark of holding the WWE Championship. That is one hell of a feat especially with how we know how much McMahon loves his John Cena. But come Royal Rumble and the guarantee that the Rock will take on the champion, it is a foregone conclusion, the Rock will beat CM Punk. Then that could maybe lead to a match at Wrestlemania between the two. Is there a possibility that Punk would win in that match against the Rock? It could, only because the Rock would have to leave and go and make more movies. Punk as the heel and having Paul Heyman in his corner has propelled his career along better than anyone ever thought. I like the idea of a Punk/Cena/Ryback match at Survivor Series. It was a better idea to have him in this match than what they originally had planned for him. Plus it will help Gold….oops Ryback as well.

Which leads me to talk a little about Ryback. He sure has come a long way from being in OVW(Ryback at the time as well) and NXT and being known as Skip Sheffield. Never did I think he would be where he is now. Being that McMahon loves the gimmick, Ryback’s star should rise as long as he is put in the card in the right way against the right guys. “Feed Me More” is a good saying to put on a T-shirt as well. The guy looks like he is made out of steel and I’m sure it won’t be long before he has a title around his waist. I don’t think it will be any heavyweight title because of Punk being a great heel and then Rock coming in the picture. And the Heavyweight title will be in the picture for Orton and Ziggler for 2013, at least that is the rumor I have heard. I also understand that Orton desperately wants to be a heel, well if he is going against Ziggler, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

WWE is finally pulling their heads out of their butts concerning the tag title picture. I am told it has to do with HHH’s involvement in the division. About damn time is all I can say. I have been pissing and moaning for a long time now that the division needed to piss or get off the pot because of a lack of talent being involved in it. By what I have been seeing the last few months, the division is improving. With Team Hell No leading the division as champs, it’s a great start. When Bryan lost the Heavyweight belt to Sheamus, I was wondering what they were going to do with him. Having him team with Kane as a team that argues all the time, but wins constantly is fabulous. Adding more guys that aren’t exactly doing anything in the singles division and putting them in the tag team arena will only help their careers and help the tag team division flourish as it should. It also sounds as if HHH isn’t too high and mighty about the Divas division, I don’t blame him in the least. Kharma is gone, Beth Phoenix is gone, and so many others were let go that the division doesn’t need to be around.

Come next Monday’s Raw, you can guarantee Jerry Lawler will get a standing ovation after recovering from his heart attack back in September. I wouldn’t look for him to be wrestling anytime soon, but it will be nice to have him back. Now it would be good to be able to keep good ole JR at the announce table as well. One can only hope.

Is the Miz going to be turning over a new leaf and soon become a face? I like him as a heel and maybe the idea to turn him face is so he can go against other guys he hasn’t faced. That’s probably the idea behind the turn. He has gone against most of the faces in his years in the WWE, so the best thing to keep him going is a face turn. The seeds of it seemed to be put in motion on last Monday’s show when he pulled out of being on Ziggler’s team for Survivor Series.

What is this thing they are doing with John Cena and AJ? I was enjoying her as the Raw General Manager. Now I have to hear Vickie again as something called Managing Supervisor. Just what in the hell is that anyways? Does she really need to be around anymore? Can’t Dolph Ziggler get over without her? Guess not. One off topic thought, what happened to Tensai? Lets hope the WWE product starts to pick up and improves now that Linda is no longer running for anything in government, will this mean the era of PG is over?

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……