Love/Hate Column 3/31/13

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Welcome to the return of the Love/Hate column. After a couple weeks of Wrestlemania rankings, its “back to bidness here on the mothership”

Feedback @Bow2TheKing6

Love: John Cena’s promo this past Monday night. While The Rock went to his proverbial well of catch phrases, Cena cut a heartfelt promo that made their twice in a lifetime match seem more than just a match to him. With his Donovan McNabb comparison he basically compared all his previous title wins as NFC Championship appearances, and defeating The Rock as his Superbowl. I dunno if Cena believes this or not, but he did a good job of selling the main event of Wrestlemania holding the upmost importance to him.

Hate: The Rock’s approach to this feud once again. Last year Cena clearly out classed him on the mic. The line about Rock having notes on his wrist, is one of the greatest lines I recall. EVER. I was hoping after Rocky was trumped last year on the mic, that he would turn up the heat. No such luck, with The Rock prevailing last year he has just been in coast mode. Do you remember one promo from The Rock, this title run? Me either. The times that he actually graces us wrestling fans with his presence, its just regurgitate Rock catch phrases, stories, and jokes.

Love: TNA IMPACT being at an arena other than The Impact Zone. Those Impact Zone fans were the Webster’s dictionary example of overexposed. I don’t care what product you’re offering, after 10 years you’ve gotta find new markets. The show has a more big league feel to it. The Impact Zone always reminded me of WCW Saturday Night, and made impact feel less than on par with their WWE rivals.

Hate: That TNA does 1 live IMPACT, then tapes the next. It takes all the excitement out of a wrestling show, when you’ve read the spoilers 7 days earlier. I understand the financial savings this method provides, but if you’re competing with Vince you can’t be taped on your main show.

Love: That WWE has continued making The Shield feel like a big deal. With 3 unknown guys it would have been really easy, ending up in a meaningless feud with 3MB at Wrestlemania. Instead WWE has stayed the course with The Shield, and hasn’t jeopardized their validity as a group. Those things are why Rollins,Ambrose, and Reigns find themselves in a match at Wrestlemania vs 3 former world champions. This run with legitimate championship competition will only further solidify The Shield as WWE Superstars on par to their former world champion competition.

Hate: How WWE has used Antonio Cesaro. 1 month ago, this guy was the 2nd most legitimate heel in WWE (Behind only C.M. Punk)
Since then WWE has jobbed Cesaro out on EVERY SHOW. If that isn’t bad enough, they have now introduced his character as a YODELER! That has all the money in it, as Natalia’s farting gimmick. Not only is it a bad gimmick, it makes Cesaro look like a joke, when he was on the brink of being a LEGITIMATE top of the card heel.

EXTRA HATE: I would just like to take this opportunity to express how putrid Wrestlemania’s card is. WWE continues to raise their price ($69.99 HD) for the event, and decrease the quality of the show. There hasn’t been a Wrestlemania worthy of being called Wrestlemania, since Wrestlemania 26. Now you give us a rematch of the main event last year, (Cena vs Rock) that no one enjoyed the first time around. A rematch of Summerslam (Brock vs HHH) as 2 Headline matches, and expect us to shell out $69.99? Do you have some ocean front property to sell me as well?

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