Why Wrestlers Love to Gamble

Professional wrestling has always been linked to gambling. Although it is done while hidden from plain view, betting in wrestling matches has been taking place ever since the sport became popular. In fact, most fights that draw huge audiences, more often than not, have betting on the side. This is of course is a sensitive issue, and there are probably more people who would find this as a ridiculous thought. On the other hand, there may be people who just dismiss the habit as part of sports that no one really looks into. Some may just play blind or simply look the other way.

This is not to say that betting is illegal, not when everyone keeps their mouths shut. It’s like an underground culture; it’s happening but no one really cares. Plus, there is the fact that this can be done just between friends, fans who want to add more excitement to merely watching a game, people who get bored just watching a match. Horse races, cockfights, street brawls; betting has been part of the American culture from the very beginning. And most sports nowadays make betting legal, if not at the very least legitimate.

Wrestlers have been exposed to this culture of betting and they know only too well how lucrative it can be. Wrestling has the power to draw ticket buyers and as a result, the fans are basically the wrestler’s source of income. Yet they are also aware that there are people in the audience who place bets on who they think will win the match. In short, a wrestler has come to accept that wrestling at some point is synonymous with gambling.

Wrestlers who have retired, or those who have earned and saved some money have been known to take gambling as a hobby. Others even decide to run a new online casino Like this one. Former pro wrestler Ric Flair has endorsed a lottery. Legend Hulk Hogan has a slot machine named after him. Andre the Giant is rumored to be working on a slot machine for a casino online.

Those are just proofs that inside the wrestling arena, gambling is also high and so are with the wrestlers.