Love/Hate 7/24/13

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Welcome to Pro Wrestling Love/Hate. I’m your host King James. Hit me up with feedback on Twitter. @Bow2TheKing6

Love: The Wyatt family. The vignettes were CLASSICS. I wondered if WWE could/would allow these guys the opportunity to be as cutting edge on live television, as they did on pre-taped promo videos. The answer is a resounding YES! The debut (attacking Kane) left a bit to be desired. The following Monday night attack (on R-Truth) had pure gold running thru it. These guys attack like rabid wolves, that have no conscience about killing their victim. The best part of the group without question is Bray Wyatt’s work on the mic. He understands, and lives this character. The closest I can find to compare him to, is ECW era Raven. Once the newness of this act wears off, Bray’s mic work will keep the group relevant. With this gimmick, he could be a main event level heel. And personally, I can’t think of a time that the WWE has needed one this desperately. EVER.

Hate: The fans that chant Husky Harris at The Wyatt Family. Did you chant Stunning Steve at Stone Cold? Dingo at the Ultimate Warrior? Mean Marc or The Master of Pain at The Undertaker? Isaac Yankem or Fake Diesel at Kane? No? Then why do you find it amusing to do it to a guy (Bray Wyatt) who obviously is putting his heart and soul into this character. Get a life. You’re not showing how “smark” your are, you’re showing how moronic you are. Ohhh, and quit yelling WHAT!? at EVERYTHING. You are the equivalent of the people still rocking sparkly affliction shirts, trucker hats, and tribal tattoos. Or maybe you are those people? If so, evolve already. The cavemen are laughing at you.

Love: Chris Sabin getting his time at the top of IMPACT wrestling as the TNA World champion. This guy has been there longer than anyone on the roster, save AJ & Storm. Sabin’s work in the early days of the X division, (along with many others) in my opinion is what established TNA as a viable national wrestling company. The Motor (Murder) City Machine Guns were a great tag team. The Machine Gun’s helped elevate the TNA tag titles, and the other tag teams in the division. And I think it’s great that IMPACT wrestling has decide it’s time to Hail Sabin!

Hate: The weird ass way TNA went about getting to the Destination X title opportunity cash in. The Aries/Suicide angle was AWESOME! That’s all it needed. It somehow devolved into Aries unmasking as a fake Suicide, The real Suicide unmasking himself as T.J. Perkins from Ring of Honor, The newly unmasked Perkins changing his name to Manik and remasking, (yes really) and ultimately landing Sabin, not Aries,Suicide,Perkins,or Manik in the actual cash in match. If you followed all of that, you are one of the few. Not since the dying days of WCW with Vince Russo, have we seen such OVERBOOKING. While the overall outcome of Chris Sabin getting the world title is magnificent, the route TNA took to get there had entirely too many turns.

Love: Chris Jericho’s work this time around. Can you ever remember an established multiple time champion in his prime coming in, and helping EVERY star under him on the roster? In wrestling that NEVER happens, and shows you how great Y2J is, better than even his greatest matches with Rey,Malenko,HBK, and Gurerro could ever do. Much respect to Chris Jericho for actually putting the wellness of the wrestling business over his own personal ego.

Hate: The Rock even more after watching Jericho’s unselfishness. What a giant douche bag Dwayne is. What did he do? He juiced out of his mind on Roids & HGH. Making all WWE wrestlers look small in stature. Unlike REAL WWE WRESTLERS, Dwayne didn’t have to pass drug tests. After making every full time wrestler look small and weak, he proceeded to beat all of them. Then when his free time ran out, he quietly loses the title to Cena in a match no one will ever remember. Because Punk & Undertaker stole that show. And because Cena vs Rock was laughably bad and mind numbingly predictable. WOW! You greatly helped the business! Rocky you truly do SUCK. Those fans in 1996 weren’t overzealous, they just knew a rat when they smelled it. So that’s what you were always cooking!? Ratatouille!