Darren Young Visits Performance Center, Jim Cornette Slims Down, Keilber on Breakup

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– Darren Young mentioned on Twitter that he recently paid a visit to WWE’s new performance center, writing on Twitter, “Visiting @wwe performance center which is a top notch facility where you’d be a fool not 2 grow. #knowyourworth”

Darren Young Visits WWE Performance Center

– M&C published videos of former WWE Diva Stacy Keilber talking about her break up with George Clooney. In one of the clips, She reveals what type of man she’s looking for: “I just want someone who is authentic and genuine.”

– Former WWE personality Jim Cornette mentioned on Twitter that he has now slimmed down 196 Lbs.

Which company used the same talent better?

Author: Steve Carrier

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