TNA’s Investor Storyline, Plans for Edwards and Richards, Talent Meeting

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– A big part of the TNA talent meeting on Thursday saw Spike TV’s social media team working with the talents on ways to better use Twitter in the future. It was described as a “housekeeping” meeting more than anything.

– As seen on last night’s Impact Wrestling episode, TNA began a new “mystery investor” storyline. Some people backstage believe it’s a way to mock Jeff Jarrett for leaving the company. Jarrett is still a minority owner of the company at last word.

– Speaking of the investor storyline, TNA decided not to have Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards wrestle this week or next week so they can be included in that storyline. As of now, they will be called The Wolves and will still use their individual names. Dave Lagana really pushed for TNA to sign the duo.

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Source: PWInsider