Paul Heyman Talks to TMZ, Kane Discusses The Undertaker

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– MTV published an interview with Kane, were he talks about his debut, The Undertaker sticking around when the company was struggling and a few other topics. Kane also mentioned in the interview that if he had to build a company around one wrestler, it would be The Undertaker.

– Paul Heyman mentioned to TMZ that he doesn’t miss his recently departed ponytail. Heyman was also asked by the gossip website about when will they see Brock Lesnar back in L.A.

Heyman responded, “Brock Lesnar doesn’t really fit in Hollywood. He doesn’t like executives that lie to him, and you find them all over town. You don’t bring Brock Lesnar to Hollywood! He would leave a whole bunch of executives down in pools of their own blood.”

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Author: Steve Carrier

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