John Cena Grants Three More Wishes, Wyatt Family Clip, Birthdays

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– Courtesy of, below is a clip of The Wyatt Family from WWE’s Greatest Factions Blu-ray that comes out later this month.

– Former WCW star “Dirty” Dick Slater turns 63 years old today while former WCW star Psicosis turns 43. Also, today would have been the 68th birthday of Andre the Giant.

– Following the Wishes he granted for World Wish Day at the end of April, John Cena has granted three more Wishes through Make-A-Wish. He met 11 year old Jontae before Extreme Rules, 1 year old Khaleb before RAW in Greenville and 13 year old Lukas before RAW in Greensboro. Cena is now well over 400 Wishes granted.

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