Scott Hall Missing Event, Reportedly Tells Promoter He’s In a ‘Dark Place’

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– Scott Hall was scheduled to appear at a Big Time Wrestling convention and event in Newark, California tonight with guys like Ric Flair, Christopher Daniels, The Godfather, Kazarian and others. Hall was supposed to be managing his son Cody but will not be appearing.

Hall reportedly texted promoter Kirk White last night and said he was in a dark place, that he refused to get out of bed for Cody or Diamond Dallas Page, who tried to get him to fulfill his booking. Cody ended up making the trip and will be there tonight to wrestle.

Hall went on his Twitter and says he won’t be at the show due to medical reasons. He tweeted the following on Friday:

“Medical problems will prevent me from appearing in Newark, CA tommorow . I apologize to all the fans. Thank you”

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