Backstage Update on Del Rio, How He’s Able to Appear for AAA, Rey

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– Alberto Del Rio is doing media appearances under that name, which is owned by WWE, in Mexico for Sunday’s AAA TripleMania event.

Del Rio will be appearing as a special guest and the details surrounding his WWE departure have put him in a major babyface position in Mexico. Del Rio is not scheduled to wrestle on Sunday and word is that his non-compete clause with WWE does not extend to Mexico, which is why he’s able to appear.

The situation between Del Rio and WWE is still up in the air. It’s being described as very acrimonious right now. WWE does not want Del Rio appearing for AAA or TNA and is trying to tie him up with a lengthy non-compete clause. WWE officials reportedly want Del Rio to have a non-compete similar to the one Jim Ross had, where he wasn’t free to work for another wrestling company until just recently but he was let go in September of last year. If this happens with Del Rio, WWE has to pay him during that period.

Reports of Rey Mysterio appearing at the AAA event on Sunday are not true.

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