Survivor Series Success

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Survivor Series “used” to be one of WWE’s big four.  It used to carry weight and it used to close out a calendar year.  Now it’s just another spoke on the WWE Network Assembly Line of Pay Per Views.  Now, there’s a longer build for the preceding show, Hell in a Cell.  However, the Survivor Series name still carries cache, and with cache, comes an expected marquee attraction from the casual and hardcore fan alike.

Problem is, that headliner is happening a month prior between the Beast and the Deadman, likely catapulting Seth Rollins back to the main event at Survivor Series.  But WWE has to know that a Seth-Kane (demon or otherwise) redux cannot close out one of their most nostalgic shows of the year.  While I applaud the layering WWE has piled on this iteration of Kane, it’s only acceptable because it doesn’t have to sell Hell in a Cell on its own.  Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are taking care of that.

Logically, in a host of other scenarios, Rollins defeats Kane to retain, Stephanie relieves Corporate Kane of his Director of Operations duties, further invoking a full-time Demon Kane to exact revenge on the Authority and the World Title.  But this is Survivor Series.  Not Extreme Rules followed by Payback.  Not Battleground.  SURVIVOR SERIES.  Kane should not be headlining any of the aforementioned. Not now.  Maybe not ever.

Add in the lack of top babyfaces (or lack of babyfaces that haven’t had a shot at Rollins) and the only acceptable challenger for Rollins’ championship at a marquee event like Survivor Series… is… hold that thought…

Rumors are swirling (as they tend to do) around an autumnal equinox of star-power injections to boost ratings in the form of an extended stay from The Undertaker, and a return from The Rock.  Ok, so if they’re on the card, then Rollins-Kane can continue.  But therein lies the long-term problem:  Too reliant on part-time stardom to carry a 365-day business.

So, circling back on potential opponents for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series IF those rumors are simply that:

John Cena – rumored to be taking time off and is just coming off a feud with Rollins.

Brock Lesnar – still owed a rematch but can you book him to not go over again, and if you do, are you willing to accept a part-time reign again?

Randy Orton – had his chance, no.

Roman Reigns – not sure the Universe will allow it (though no fault of Reigns, he might just have to get to the main event again as a heel) and more on him in a second.

Everyone else is either a heel or a mid-carder.  Could Daniel Bryan return and render this entire thing moot? Probably, but not realistic.  Would I be intrigued by Bray Wyatt getting involved?  Yes, but ditto.  So if you want to retain prominence at an historically prominent event, the only acceptable challenger to me… is Triple H.

They’ve planted the seeds.  Only question is when they decide to pull the trigger.  And if we’re treated to the inevitable triple threat featuring the Shield in Dallas, then Survivor Series is the perfect venue for the mentor to face his protege.


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