Business as Usual: Not Best for Business

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WWE Superstars can’t unionize because there’s no legitimate competition.  WWE has monopolized the global sports entertainment game.  Without a union, there will never be an off-season.  No off-season = no cliffhanger finales and no actual can’t miss season premieres.  Subsequently, the only way to earn time off is via injury, and while I feel bad for any superstar who goes down with one, it’s really the only way to engage the ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ cliche.

Seth Rollins is the latest main-eventer to fall victim to the injury bug, and while it couldn’t have happened at a worse time for him, it should enable WWE Creative to hit reset, scrap monotony and give its Universe something fresh.  Yet, just as we think we’re headed for an uptick, Mr. Letdown is waiting right around the corner…

We’re treated to a good old fashioned tournament in which the winner is crowned the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  But if Roman Reigns wins, what’s the point?  Where’s the intrigue?  Yay, we get a tournament!  Oh, Titus O’Neill is in it.  The Miz is in it.  Stardust is in it.  Alright, Tyler Breeze is making his in-ring debut!  Oh, he loses.  Cool, John Cena is dropping his U.S. Title (a title he made relevant again).  Oh, Alberto Del Rio gets it.  Time after time, the door of opportunity cracks open only for the WWE to shut it on themselves.  Sure, the Undertaker and Kane teaming up to take on the Wyatts at Survivor Series has promise, but a regular 2 on 2 tag match takes some air out of it.  I’ll save some judgment in the event a couple of NXT upstarts (Finn Balor, Baron Corbin) even the odds, but… what are the odds? And sure, Randy Orton and Sting might be indisposed, but the moment the Wyatts attacked the Phenom at Hell in a Cell, how many of us were projecting the Undertaker’s team for a 4 on 4 Survivor Series match? It’s sad that fantasy booking the product is more entertaining than the actual product.

Speaking of… if WWE is adding dates to Brock Lesnar’s contract, then he needs to be in the tournament.  Either start it a week later, or only reveal half the bracket to the audience to make sure he’s available for RAW and/or Survivor Series.  I imagine he’ll return to challenge the winner of the tournament, but wouldn’t his inclusion add a much-needed punch to this otherwise, lackluster bracket?  Heck, I’d even be OK with Reigns coming out on top if it meant he were facing The Beast in the finals.

Typically, November and December tend to lag as the majority of us look ahead to Wrestlemania.  To me, Seth Rollins was on course for one of two matches.  The triple threat Shield clash or a collision with his mentor Triple H.  They’ll both be earmarked for a PPV to be named later, but Roman Reigns could easily slide in to face HHH in Dallas.  Either keep him chasing the title until the fans fully accept him, or turn him heel in the main event of Survivor Series (his cousin can give him a few pointers on how to execute this at the annual November event).  Unfortunately, I see neither happening.

At Wrestlemania, I want Undertaker-Cena, Reigns-Triple H, and Lesnar-Wyatt with the latter being the only realistic option for the title.  But I’m afraid Roman’s Reign is soon upon us.

There’s a knock at the door WWE.  It’s Opportunity.  Please open it.


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