Emerge Wrestling “Violent Night”

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Emerge Wrestling Presents:  “Violent Night”


Emerge Wrestling once again presents Emerge 11, “Violent Night”. It’s coming on Saturday December 12th 2015. The venue is held at the National Guard Armory in Columbus Indiana.

Following up after a successful Conquest 10, Emerge Wrestling is action-packed with its next upcoming show. Doors open at 6 PM, at 2160 Arnold Street in Columbus Indiana. Tickets are $12 for front row, second is $11.00 and general admission is $10. Kids four and under enter free.

We also have a new Emerge Heavyweight champion. JD Marini defeated Donny Idol to wrest the title away. Be sure to check Emerge Wrestling on social media. Other forums of finding Emerge are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to name a few.

In other matches, Cole Radrick versus Bobby Black in an E-8 Tourney. For the Outbreak title is champion “Warfare” Jeremy Hadley defending the title versus Kris Kaliber managed by Karma. Team B.A.D. made up of Yukon Mike and Chris Morris will go against the 8-Bit Punks. 8-Bit is surmised of Damian Cole and Aaron Anarchy.


What other action-packed matches will be happening? What other developments surround the Emerge champions. Be there on December 12th 2015!

Company Website: www.emergewrestling.com
Email: Emerge@EmergeWrestling.com
Facebook: EmergeProWrestling
Twitter: @EmergeWrestling
YouTube: EmergeProWrestling
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