Bleeding Space – Column

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Here it is. My first column. I’m going to get started by getting some expected heat over my opinions. I say that because after reading article after article and column after column, I feel I may be alone in the IWC with my belief that Goldberg needs to win and hold the Universal Title for the next year. Yes. I said it. Goldberg.

I’m aware of all the reasons why most fans feel like that would be a bad idea. I know to say that he’s limited in the ring would be an understatement. I know he was away from the sport for 12 years. I know he isn’t the best on the mic. He’s not even in the same league with guys like Rollins, Owens and Jericho when it comes to promos. He can blame the “locker room headbut” for fumbling his words all over the place for as long as he wants, but we all know what really happened…he’s just not a good talker. It’s obvious that he’s nervous as hell every time he grabs the microphone because he’s trying so hard not to f**k up.

I know there are so many other guys in the back deserving of the title run. They work really hard, have a plethora of moves, are great at cutting promos, are “full time” guys and have years ahead of them in their careers…so why in the world should a part timer with limited moves and bad mic skills, who can’t tell a story in a match lasting longer than two minutes and may only have a couple years left in him deserve to carry the belt for any extended period of time?

Because no matter how good the guys in the back are, or how many of them are back there, none of them can hold a candle to Goldberg’s intensity. He never needed to talk. He never needed to be the most technically advanced guy on the roster. He just went out there and destroyed everyone. Everyone. Just recently, destroying the WWE’s own Brock Lesnar for the second time in a row as well as embarrassing him at the Royal Rumble. Goldberg is still the man to beat and the most bad ass guy in the ring no matter who he’s in there with. If booked correctly, Goldberg could be very effective in making the Universal Title mean something while simultaneously building a superstar.

WWE is missing something critical in their product. Two things actually. Attitude and Superstars. There is no more Stone Cold. The Rock is gone. Shawn Michaels…gone. What are we left with? An entire locker room full of talent who are trying to compete at main event level but they’re just not there, aside from a few like Orton, Cena, Undertaker and a handful of other guys who were established long ago.

Guys like Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Wyatt, Ziggler, Miz, Owens, Balor, Corbin and all the other “future” superstars are unable to establish themselves as great, no matter how hard the WWE is pushing them. Out of the group, Rollins is probably the closest and his feud with Triple H may get him there. But everyone else…they need Goldberg. They need him to be unstoppable so that when one of these guys does eventually pin him to the mat cleanly, there will be some sense of accomplishment. They will have done the impossible; reached the summit of Everest or landed on the moon.

Let’s say that Miz beat Owens for the championship (who cares), Corbin beats Miz (who cares), Wyatt beats Corbin (who cares), Ziggler beats Wyatt (who cares), Ambrose beats Ziggler (who cares), Reigns beats Ambrose…you see where this is going.

These glorified mid-carders are all arguing that they are the “main event”, “the man”, “the guy” or whatever else, week in and week out but they’re fighting each other and not one of them are main event level and no one gives a damn who wins or loses. It’s just a bunch of Christian vs Carlito type matches, over and over again. No one really believes any of these guys are on the level of a Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Undertaker…or Goldberg.

Goldberg needs to demolish everyone in his path rapidly and convincingly for a while. Then, months and months down the road, when everyone believes no one can stop him and his victories are even becoming stale (the Lesnar scenario), one of these guys beats him.

It should be in the works right before Goldberg wins the championship. One of these guys (doesn’t matter who) starts building their character towards that inevitable accomplishment for a long, long time. Fighting difficult matches, clawing their way through everyone, overcoming crazy odds and impossible situations. That person finds a way to survive Goldberg’s arsenal and finds a way to win. After that, the guy with the strap has done something. He’s beaten Goldberg; the guy that beat the guy who ended the Wrestlemania streak of the Undertaker.

If Goldberg goes into the match as a champion who decimates everyone and anyone in squash matches…and loses…the guy who beat him just became a credible, accomplished superstar worthy of main event status. Then, every time that title changes hands, it will be a guy beating the guy who beat Goldberg. Then next time, it’ll be the guy beating the guy that beat the guy that beat Goldberg and so on.

Finally, Goldberg is a money making machine. It is apparent that he is at the end of his career. It would be foolish not to utilize him while he is still able to perform. It would make most sense to use him the way he was used when he became that money making machine. Squashing everyone and rarely suffering defeat. A monster on a blood hunt with a vicious hunger to satisfy. Ultimately, in the end, this will create a superstar that will have the right to eventually call himself a legend because he defeated the likes of Bill Goldberg.

Does it have to be Goldberg? I believe it does. Sure, John Cena is a bigger superstar, but what would it mean to get a victory over Cena these days? The Miz beat Cena. Hell, everyone’s beat Cena a time or two. Goldberg’s character has been created and portrayed to be undefeatable. That is precisely why it will mean so much when it finally happens.

I believe at this point, it would be a waste of a golden opportunity to have Lesnar come out victorious at Wrestlemania 33. What would a win do for him? He would have still lost 2 out 3 of their matches (one being in less than two minutes) and that humiliating elimination at the Rumble. Plus, if Lesnar replaced Goldberg in this ordeal and we used Lesnar to carry the belt, when he finally lost it to whoever it may be…the winner would be getting all the “Yeah but” treatment because he didn’t beat…GOLDBERG.