Google Pay rollout begins

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Google Pay is a payment system known as GPay launched by Google in 2007. It is a payment method used to pay online and brick and mortar merchants when purchasing items and services. But it is not yet that popular with online pokies in Australia gamblers.

The tech giant has announced that it was merging Google Wallet and Android Pay. Merchants can add the payment service to websites. Everything is now centralized with Google Pay. The new payment system allows you to use payment information saved in your Google account available on all Google products. Payment information will be available on YouTube for subscriptions, on Android PlayStore for app purchases and at retail outlets that have NFC (Near Field Communication) payments. Near Field Communication is another technology that is used by Google Pay.

Moreover, there are selected apps that support Google Pay including Airbnb, Fandango, Instacart and HungryHouse, more stores and sites expected to be added as time goes on. The payment method is safe, secure and easy to use.

Google Play services latest beta version includes Google Pay branding, therefore Android device owners who are part of the beta program will see the changes. Owners will have to go through the settings on their devices and under “Tap and Pay” section they will see new Google Pay logo replacing Android Pay. Google Pay is likely to be listed as default payment option.

Google Inc announced that more and more people that use Android devices will prefer their latest mobile payment service for many reasons including convenience and online security. The Google Pay is compatible with Android smartphones, tablets, and Android-based wearables. You can access the payment method anywhere you go. Users can safely store their credit or debit card and personal information on their Android Pay account without worrying about online criminals, Did you know you can also make payments online for your online casino games just like any other purchases you do online . When paying at a retail store simply place your phone or watch close to the scanner of point-of-sale (POS).