WWE Rumors about Ronda Rousey At Wrestlemania

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WWE Rumors about Ronda Rousey At Wrestlemania

If you’re a fan of WWE rumors, you’re going to love to read about the latest WWE rumors on Ronda Rousey. What is her possible involvement in the Wrestlemania 34 and how her WWE career may look like? Find out right here!

A little more than one year apart from her last match as a MMA professional fighter, the WWE rumors about Ronda Rousey’s debut at WrestleMania were confirmed by an outstanding performance teaming-up with Kurt Angle against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. Having the necessary qualities to star in the World’s greatest pay-per-view wrestling show is not something that is learned overnight. But as far as the WWE rumors about Ronda are concerned, there was no doubt about her long-awaited entrance in the wrestling world.

WrestleMania 34

Thanks to the internet, it was as easy as two-clicks to access a website with WWE rumors and odds regarding Ronda Rousey since she’s still a very hot subject for both the media and the sporting world. And no matter what the WWE rumors were before WrestleMania 34, they’ve all been reduced to silence when the official announcement came.

All the WWE rumors surrounding Ronda started after her wild entrance that shocked the world at the end of the Royal Rumble show in Philadelphia. The 34th edition of WrestleMania was the glamorous moment of her full-time professional wrestler enrolment. The highly expected and most promoted match of all was indeed the one that all the WWE rumors helped to build during all this time. Teaming-up with Angle and confirming the pre-match WWE rumors, was probably the best combination Ronda could’ve hope for in a match that defines a new chapter of her life.

As was previously speculated in WWE rumors, it seems that wrestling is truly her life now and her very first priority. She made that very clear to all her fans as well as the WWE management and, despite what other WWE rumors may speculate, it seems like she is focusing on her professional wrestling career as she stated, making it crystal clear that her interest in wrestling it’s not a one-night stand or a publicity stunt.

Full-Time Commitment to WWE

Another confirmation had come from the latest WWE rumors about her inclusion on the upcoming European tour participating list. Generally following the WrestleMania, wrestling celebrities are due to entertain their fans all over Europe in an annual trip scheduled next month. Between May 16 and 19 Rousey, will be there making her first European tour with the rest of her new teammates. There’s more than just WWE rumors that place Ronda and to the Geneva (Switzerland) event before going to Vienna (Austria) and Turin (Italy), with the final tour event in Paris (France). Again, these are no rumors, these are confirmed WWE announcements.

Soon after her official WWE European tour insertion, Rousey hurried up and cleared any kind of WWE rumor by letting her fans know that she is continuing her wrestling journey as promised. This means that those Ronda fans that are also into gambling on WWE and are not influenced by rumors, can already start using all their odds comparison tools and websites and define their betting strategy for the upcoming matches. It is already well known that betting on WWE is not only possible but also a profitable activity.

How it All Started?

Rousey’s both glamorous and shocking, even though covered by WWE rumors, appearance at the first female-dedicated Royal Rumble, was her personal and unique launching ramp in the wrestling world. If you need to find some helpful odds on this event, you can make google search entering bet compare to find relevant resources. Some WWE rumors predicted this move after her MMA career was clearly approaching the finish line, it was still a big surprise for many of her fans to see the rumors come true.

The fact that Ronda Jean Rousey marked up the MMA world is no rumor. In her short but consistent four years of activity she was the first American judo fighter woman to win an Olympic medal. This incredible success was followed by no less than twelve consecutive MMA fights, eleven of those finished through KO in just few seconds. Even though you might be tempted to believe this is just a rumor, check her MMA records and you will see there are all facts, no room for rumors.

She was an star and she is a standing Strike force Champion, a truthfully inspirational all-time champion of the women’s bantamweight category. So, no matter how many rumors about her are still getting out, there’s no doubt that she is a complete fighter, there’s no WWE rumor to change that.