When Will Brock Lesnar Lose the Universal Champion Title?

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Brock Lesnar is set to become the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion, and no one saw it coming. As WrestleMania 34 approached, everyone was ready to see Roman Reigns triumph over Lesnar and take the title. Although this would have disgruntled many fans, it’s certainly the way that events were heading towards, and it would have cemented Reigns as the ultimate heel. But, Lesnar obliterated Reigns quite spectacularly, and then he defeated his WrestleMania foe once again at the Greatest Royal Rumble on April 27th in Saudi Arabia, per Bleacher Report. With all expectations flown out of the window, we’re all left wondering when, or even if, Brock Lesnar will lose the ultimate title in the WWE.

In fairness to Lesnar, he is a much-loved wrestler, doesn’t back down from challenges, and likes to dish them out. He took on AJ Styles back in November 2017 in the Survivor Series 2017 and won. He also responded to Jinder Mahal’s call out in October 2017, but nothing came to fruition there. Lesnar, instead, has gone on to fight at defeat the likes of Braun Strowman, Kane, and Roman Reigns. Despite being between two companies – WWE and the UFC – Lesnar keeps his wrestling profile high and engages in the action whenever he can. He’s the most worthy WWE Universal Champion right now but, it’s hard to see him keeping his belt through 2018. With 17 consecutive victories in the WWE, it will have to be a tremendous effort to dethrone The Beast Incarnate.

UFC could come calling

IMAGE SOURCE: Scrap Digest, via Twitter

Just as he is in the WWE, Brock Lesnar is also a huge star in the UFC. Despite not fighting in the organization since no contest bout with Mark Hunt on July 9, 2016, the cross-over heavyweight would still gather a huge crowd when he enters the octagon. Right now, the most dominant force in the UFC’s heavyweight division is Stipe Miocic. Standing 6’4’’, 240 lbs, he defeated the next-best in the division, Francis Ngannou, by decision, to move to 12-2 in the UFC. Now, with Ronda Rousey in the WWE; Jon Jones in serious doubt and Conor McGregor an unknown at this time, the UFC is devoid of a serious superstar to headline the promotion. Miocic could be that fighter.

In the UFC, Brock Lesnar sells the most tickets and pay-per-views in the heavyweight, according to Sporting News. Bringing the WWE Universal Champion to fight this new claimant to the throne would be a huge event in the history of the sport. It would be the biggest fight of Miocic’s career, and he’d have to deal with the media storm that comes with fighting someone of Lesnar’s fame. But, this likely wouldn’t swing around until 2019. As of May 3, Stipe Miocic is at -187.50 to defeat the +150 Daniel Cormier with Betway – a fight which takes place on July 8. Given the duration of time off that Miocic has endured between fights in recent times, a bout with Lesnar likely wouldn’t occur until 2019; leaving him plenty of time to defend his title in the WWE.

Another year of Lesnar dominance?

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According to Cageside Seats, via the Express, Brock Lesnar won’t compete in the WWE until June 17. That means that he’ll make a big appearance in the pay-per-view event Money in the Bank. This, presumably, means that his belt won’t be on the line until this event.

Furthermore, holding onto his belt until the middle of June will see him break CM Punk’s longest WWE world title reign of the modern WWE era. The Rock ended CM Punk’s reign after 434 days at the top, but it’s difficult to see who could now dethrone Lesnar at this point in time.
The supposed heir apparent to Lesnar’s title was Roman Reigns, but then Lesnar ended Reigns’ hopes twice in the space of a month. But, WWE fans grow disgruntled with Lesnar’s part-time reign at the top. Since he claimed the title at WrestleMania 33 in April 2017, he has only defended the title ten times – CM Punk clocked in 22 defenses during his reign.

While the UFC may not be open to a huge Lesnar fight just yet, the WWE may need to have a changing of the guard in the coming months. Money in the Bank appears to be the next chance to do so, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the WWE prolonged his reign for a couple more major events.