4 Things to Look For Before Getting a PDF Reader

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There are a plethora of PDF readers out there, each claiming to be the best but what you see and what you hear may not be true all the time. When it comes to PDF readers, get your hands on the one which is packed with useful and more features.

A PDF reader that offers many features is one you should go for because more than 50% of business tasks and education related tasks such as preparing documents, slideshows etc., are done on smartphones.

PDF readers are in demand because most files today are actually PDF files due to the benefits PDF documents offer over traditional file types. There was a time when Word documents were used extensively, but PDF has changed how things work today.

To make sure that you pick the right PDF reader, look out for these 4 things in it:

1. Esign Documents
This is the era where businesses are switching to ways that can help them save money. PDF readers can help with that.

With PDF readers that offer e-signing documents option, businesses can save cost of printing paper and time that is spent to find or wait for a person and have the document signed.

A good PDF reader lets you e sign a document and send it via emails.

It’s very easy to sign an e-document. All you need to do is draw a sign with a stylus or finger on a touch screen device and you are done.
Many businesses have now started to accept esigns which is a beneficial for everyone involved.

2. Organize Files
It’s unlikely to have just one .PDF file on your phone if you are a consistent PDF reader. This can create problems in organizing them.

When the files are all jumbled in your phone, it can become daunting to search for what you need.

Many good PDF readers can organize files alphabetically and also according o date, size etc., to help you find what you need.

3. File Protection
Another important feature to look for in a PDF reader is the ability to protect sensitive files. The data in .PDF files might be sensitive and may also contain information that needs to be protected such as company secrets, passwords, PIN codes etc.

To make sure such data is well protected, a PDF reader must have an option to password protect these files. Using this option, all files can be restricted from use unless a person knows the password. Moreover, you can also have restrictions on files, i.e: allow users to access a file but not make any changes.

4. Reading Options
Look for a PDF reader that offers multiple reading options including landscape mode, portrait mode, night mode, continuous mode, page by page mode etc. These options make it easier to read longer files and save you time.

A PDF reader that contains these features is one you should go for as it will help you in the long run. Our personal favorite is Soda PDF as it offers this and much more.