Wrestling Back in the Day

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When we mention the term the wrestling, we immediately think of WWE. Which is what symbolizes wrestling today. However, this is not where it all began, and it not the only form of wrestling. According to history, there are several forms of wrestling.

Ancient Wrestling
Wrestling is a grappling sport that has an interesting history. This is because the sport has been practised all throughout history. And when looking at the history, we find that different nations had their different types of wrestling techniques and skills. Did you know that at au.crazyvegas.com you can place your bets on your favourite wrestler and stand a chance to win big.

During the Viking age in Scandinavia, the term Glima was given to what we call wrestling today. It includes a series of various wrestling or glima techniques and systems. The sport was very popular during the Viking era, it was practised by both men and women of all ages. More like what we see on TV these days, with both men and women partaking in wrestling.

It is already clear that this is not English. It is actually German; the term was used to refer to wrestling in the 15th and 16th centuries. Even though the word wrestling is not exactly used in the definition of the word. Kampfrigen is still considered a form of wrestling. This is because the sport comprised of a system of unarmed self-defence moves including punches, joint locks, elbow strikes, choke heads, head-butts and to some point, kicks. These are basically the moves that we see in wrestling today,hence most of best casinos online have games that are related to wrestling.

Shuai Jiao
In China, during the Qin Dynasty (221-2017BC) wrestling was considered as a public sport. And like any other sport, it was held for amusement. It was also as a means to recruit the best fighters for the army. The wrestlers competed on a raised platform called a lei tai. The name shua jiao was however chosen in 198 by the Central Guosho Academy of Nanjing.

We are however not sure when and where people started to bet on wrestling. What we do now is that there are now even online slots based on Wrestling.