WWE Summer Slam Curses

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Summer Fun

It is that time again. WWE wrestling is firing up and coming back into full swing. There are a lot of good matches and events coming up that you would be devastated to miss. One of the most fun WWE events coming up is the Summer Slam. This heatwave tour always delivers on the action, and has some of the biggest names in wrestling making an appearance.

Legends of the ring like Roman Reigns, Dolph Ziggler, and scintillating Alexa Bliss are all making an appearance. While the Summer Slam can be a great opportunity for wrestlers to climb the ladder to becoming a legend, it is also a strange event that makes even the most enduring champions drum up a losing record. This strange phenomenon has been dubbed, the Summer Slam curse.

The Afflicted

The Summer Slam is a unique event that stirs up a lot of controversy in the wrestling arena. It tends to be a place where startling upsets occur. That is why even some of the best and most loved wrestlers have a surprisingly hard time performing well at the summer event. Don’t believe me? Here is a list of wrestlers affected by the Summer Slam curse:

John Cena – Even people who do not watch wrestling know who John Cena is. How could you not? He has been not only a wrestling champion, but has appeared in many movies and shows, not only as a cameo, but also as a star. However, this legend of the ring does not historically perform very well at the Summer Slam. He has a shotty record of only 5 wins and 9 losses at this crucial summer event. At the “biggest party of the summer” Cena has lost a whopping 8 of his last ten matches, making him one of the worst to be afflicted by the curse.

Naomi – This former women’s SmackDown champion is certainly no slouch in the ring, and yet, she has never, I repeat, never won a single match in the Summer Slam event. In fact, most would probably take free bets against her. Betting is a great way to make some additional cash as a supplemental income for those who have a lot of knowledge about the WWE. The gambling scene is continuing to grow, especially with more legalization coming to the scene so there has never been a better time to cash in.

Naomi is an excellent wrestler, yet she has a 0 and 3 record at the Summer Slam. That can’t be coincidence right? The Summer Slam is just really good at cursing strong wrestlers. Now to be fair, two of her matches were tag team events. The third however, was a one-on-one match with Natalya, and Naomi lost in an upset that shocked the wrestling world.

Matt Hardy – Another great wrestler that has fallen victim to the curse, Hardy only has 1 win and 5 losses at the Summer Slam. It was in 2008 that Hardy would get his only Summer Slam victory against Mark Henry, but even that victory was only a disqualification because Tony Atlas interfered. Hardy has participated in a lot of tag team events at the Summer Slam, and he has lost all of them.

The moral of the story here is winning records beware of the Summer Slam!