Lanny Poffo here. The latest Genius Cast covers: All In/Starrcast,”the jacket”, Macho Man vs Kenny Omega, how Lethal compares to stars of thepast and more!

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In this week’s episode of The Genius Cast with Lanny Poffo, I, alongside JP Zarka of, discuss every detail from my memorable Starrcast and #ALLIN weekend! From flying out to Chicago with no plans to be used but just to be there for the experience, to how I got ahold of my brother’s jacket from a collector for Jay to wear, to going before the crowd with Black Machismo himself, Jay Lethal, I will walk you through it all, every emotion and all!


Also in the show: Kenny Omega versus the Macho Man, which era of wrestling is better- the 80s/90s versus today, I share the poem I planned to recite in front of the ALL IN crowd, what Matt and Nick of The Young Bucks said to me in private, how Jay Lethal compares to wrestlers of my generation, my thoughts on Chris Jericho, Jim Cornette, the Colt Cabana and CM Punk situation, the inspiration behind Randy’s iconic “Ohhhhh yeahhhh!”, The Macho Man Clip of the Week (was the Macho Man more seductive than sex?), The Genius Poem of the Week, the inaugural fan recording of the week, and so much more! You won’t want to miss this!


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