Why WWE Must Make Triple Threat Feud at WrestleMania

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Why WWE Must Make Triple Threat Feud at WrestleMania

If you are a fan of WWE, then you must be aware that the Survivor Series is almost upon us. Once that is over, it will be time for the much-awaited WrestleMania 35.

Considered to be one of the greatest shows on Earth, the tournament demands a great lineup of matches. Writers should begin to formulate a game plan from now on so they can do the needful in the upcoming months to make it happen. When it comes to WWE, there is always the risk of playings suffering injuries which can completely upset the schedule of Wrestlemania. However, thinking ahead can do some wonders in terms of organising matches. If you are a sports bettor for instance, using a betting odds calculator can help you make the right prediction.

The possibilities:

One match that is being highly demanded by fans this year is a Triple Threat among Dean Ambrose, Reigns, and Seth Rollins for the coveted Universal Championship. They are the best options on the Raw roster considering how everyone else is already on the title hunt. The WWE community has seen a lot of Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler fighting The Shield this year and hence they will not be ideal contenders for the members of the trio.

Reigns and Lesnar have played against each other in so many matches that Wrestlemania should consider against putting them together again. Kevin Owens is a champion in his own right, but he cannot seem to get out of the middle tier and join the top league. Sadly, he has not made a lasting impact on WWE. While Baron Corbin has risen to popularity recently, he may not have it in him to win a Universal Championship match during WrestleMania.

It is unlikely that Bobby Lashley will reach a point where fans would want him to be in the top league, and Finn Balor is better off in the SmackDown where he will be able to gain more popularity. The rest of the roster lacks in the talent that is needed for the Triple Threat.

Considering that the current roster might be the final one and the absence of outside influences, the Triple Threat with The Shield becomes even more relevant. It is the only lineup that has the potential to be a match worthy of the Universal Championship at WrestleMania. In fact, now that the WWE has reunited the trio, the chances of this match have also risen.

However, the wrestlers will have to ensure that not all the major titles become involved in the same feud. For that, Rollins might have to drop out of the Intercontinental Championship and pass it on to someone who will be able to profit from it more.

The writers need to be careful about how they go about organising this match because the slightest disharmony might lead to fans splitting up into separate teams. If this match is going to be a success, WWE has to be cautious in their approach. No matter who wins the match, fans will definitely love it.

To be honest, nothing can bring Wrestlemania to life as well as this match!