Finn Balor makes surprise revelation regarding NXT

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WWE superstar Finn Balor has revealed that he was ”happiest” while working on NXT.

Balor was a key part of the launch of the new WWE Performance center in London, England.

The 37-year-old Balor was previously NXT Champion between 2014-2016 and became the first ever WWE Universal Champion in 2016.

Balor is one of the successful products to emerge from NXT and was moved to Raw in 2016.

He has since revealed that the happiest moments of his career so far came while he was in NXT- a show which does less touring and which is usually filmed in Orlando, Florida.

When speaking to the Daily Star Online about life in NXT, Balor said: “The whole experience is probably the two of the fondest years of my career that I look back on.

“It feels like the greatest period of growth, and also the happiest I was in terms of contentment with life, and not being on the road so much.

“I was enjoying just focusing on wrestling again, and retraining myself in a different style.

“It was a great two years, and something that I treasure.”