Jack Swagger compares himself to CM Punk as he enters MMA

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Former WWE star Jack Swagger has vowed not to emulate CM Punk as he prepares to enter the world of mixed-martial arts.

Punk switched to MMA in 2014 after he left the WWE. He made his debut against Mickey Gall who is significantly younger than him at UFC 203 in 2016 and fell to a first-round defeat. To many, the defeat for Punk looked humiliating.

It caused many to question whether WWE stars should even enter MMA altogether. Punk’s second MMA fight came in June last year against Mike Jackson and he lost by unanimous decision. It is unlikely that he will ever be granted a third fight as he failed to make an impression during the two opportunities which he was given.

The 36-year-old Swagger is expected to make his MMA debut in Bellator MMA against J.W Kiser in the heavyweight division on January 26.

Swagger has suggested that he will be better than Punk, pointing to the fact that he has All-American status in college wrestling.

He told TMZ Sports: “I’m different for so many reasons. I’ve been wrestling since I was five years old. I have over 150 Division I college wrestling matches, and I’m gonna rely on that as my amateur MMA and boxing career to help when the anxiety kicks in.

I think the biggest thing that you’re gonna see in the difference between me and him is that I am prepared. I am 100 percent prepared to take this fight, to go into that Octagon, go in that cage and inflict my will on anybody.