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  Interested in bringing more hits to your company's website, or just your personal website? TWNP offers competitive ad rates to advertise throughout the website. We offer ads of many sizes, such as 468x60 banners, Button/Box ads, text ads and pop-under ads. Your ads can be up on TWNP by the days end as well, if you pay using PayPal!

All Rates are negotiable.

728x90 Leaderboard (All rates are for on the news posts, under the headline.
1 month- $75

468x60 Banners (All rates are for on the news posts, under the headline, or on main page(under headlines start here).
1 month- $60

Skyscraper Ads(
1 month- $75

Text Ads(Under the reporters plug on the newsboard).
1 Month $75
2 Months $120

Button and Box ads(Note- you may have text under these ads for an additonal $5 a month).
1 Month $25/$30(Button/Box)

Permanent link within a news article that never gets removed $100

If you would like to order in bulk, have additional questions or would like your ad in a custom size, fill out our contact form.

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