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 Can Kane Be Reborn....Now Is The Time!!
Column Posted by The Whole Scoop with Andrew Vincent on 6:04:14 PM Nov 25, 2009

Kane Reborn.

Hi everyone and welcome my the first of many columns I plan to post here at twnpnews.com

I have been a wrestling fan for years and know my history pretty well. I'm pleased to be writing for this site, as I have been frequently reader and viewer of the site. I hope everyone enjoys my columns and please feel free to share your input or comments on what i write, but respectfully, I will respect your opinion as I hope you will mine.

Today I want to talk about the character Kane as is today and as was before. Is Kane interesting anymore? How interesting was he when he originated? and what steps would I take if I were a promoter/booker in the direction of Kane.

First and foremost when Kane made his arrival in the WWE than WWF, it was a fresh angle with a lot of back story creating such a great strong rivalry between him and the Undertaker. Kane arrived as the Undertaker's younger brother who felt anger and hatred towards his brother because he felt his brother was personally responsible for the scars he suffered in his past in some sort of fire, which was the reason for him wearing the mask and covering his so called burned/scared face.

Kane arrived as this mysterious madman out to get vengeance on his brother and his debut was in my opinion one of the most dramatic, yet at the same time some what of a frightening chilling WWE experience. As the Undertaker had Shawn Michaels laid out in the middle of the ring and was looking as if he had the match under control, the lights went out and out comes Kane to a similar dark entrance as his brother and headed to the ring accompanied by long time Undertaker manager Paul Bearer who betrayed the Undertaker a while back. Kane ripped the cage door open and stared his brother face to face. Taker looked to be in disbelief before being attacked after a stare down and was left laying in the ring to eventually be pinned by an awakening Shawn Michaels.

The angle was hot with an interesting back story and was probably one of the biggest angles in WWE history as far as emotion and hype being involved. The Undertaker for weeks or maybe around a month time frame, refused and was reluctant to fight his brother Kane because they were brothers and wanted Kane to see his side of things. Kane wanted no part of hearing Taker's side of things and was persistant with his attacks that eventually only lead to the Undertaker having no choice but to fight back. A match was set for the first Undertaker vs Kane match and in their first match Taker ending up winning, but had to deliver three tombstone piledrivers to do it, which never happens as one is all it usually took. This made Kane losing to the Undertaker come off as him still being a powerful force to reckon with.

I am not going to run you through the whole direction of the character Kane throughout the years, because obviously I could be writing for hours.

So let's run down a few things.

Kane losing to the Undertaker after three tombstones to me was fine for the angle and made both the Undertaker and Kane look good and still kept the storyline strong and fresh. However as the feud continued Kane kept losing to the Undertaker and I don't believe he ever beat him once(correct me if I am wrong). I personally thought that not beating the Undertaker lessened the appeal of Kane as the powerful monster he was hyped up to be, but never the less the angle was still pretty fresh and interesting.

Kane won the the world title when he faced off against Stone Cold Steve Austin in a first blood match. Now it was said that Austin bled accidentally and because of it WWE was forced to give Kane the victory and the WWE title, although I am not fully certain on the truth of that. Regardless the following night on a Monday Night Raw event they had a rematch of Kane vs Stone Cold, in which Stone Cold won with a stone cold stunner to regain the world heavy weight title. I was really into the Kane character at this point and the fact that Kane lost to Stone Cold with just one stunner, yet kicked out of three tombstones kind of ticked me off, baffled me and disappointed me. I felt that again Kane was lessened in crediblility of being the undestructable monster he was hyped up to be from the beginning.

Kane eventually turned face, joined forces with X Pac, became a tag team champion, ended up starting to speak and slowly his character even though it might have still been going strong at that point, started slowly losing my interest. I didn't really like the new Kane, at least not a speaking Kane. I felt as soon as he started speaking he lost all the mystery behind his character, much like Sting did with his crow gimmick in WCW. The mystery is what made the character strong and interesting! And Paul Bearer as Kane's manager who did the speaking helped keep the man of mystery.

Eventually Kane and The Undertaker joined forces becoming the team of the "Brothers of Destruction". This was pretty interesting none of the less, however at this time it was the Biker Undertaker and the watered down Kane as opposed to when he originated as this big man of mystery. For me it had some striking interest, but never really did much to completely refuel my interest in Kane's character. But I would say because it was something people probably always wanted to see or were interesting in seeing it drew some viewers.

Moving on Kane ended up teaming with RVD later in his career and once again was a tag team champion, RVD is great, but I didn't really find that RVD with Kane was a good mix. Eventually the angle lead to Kane having to unmask and I thought this could/would work out quite well, as it would freshen up his character and they could reinvent the monster he once was. That's obviously the direction his character went, but I think unfortunately the bookers destroyed Kane without the mask pretty quickly for me.

Kane feuded with Shane McMahon shortly after his unmasking and in a back and forth tough feud with Kane being really tested. Now don't get me wrong Shane O Mac was the son's owner who had no reason to wrestle and could have just sat behind the scenes, but he went out and wrestled and put his body on the line, a match with Kurt Angle comes to mind at the King of the Ring where him and Angle put on a good match with some pretty hardcore spots.

None the less with all that being said I respect Shane and he was a pretty descent wrestler for not being a regular one, however the fact that he could compete with a guy the size of Kane was astonishing to me. Let's face facts a guy the size of Kane should being able to manhandle Shane and on top of that Kane barely being able to beat Shane after getting a refreshing start to his character without the mask made him look weak in my opinion. I thought the bookers had destroyed all hopes for the character Kane up to that point.

From then on to today Kane has not really done or been anything that would keep me particularly interested in his character and I know I am just one fan, but the general feeling I get from talking to other fans is many think the same. So the question is, can Kane become interesting again? and what would I do to make his character reborn as far as being an active fresh, impactful and hot angle/character once again?

If I were a booker I would recreate the man of mystery, the man behind the mask. You have an angle with Kane feuding with a particular WWE wrestler, someone fairly big who is a convincing threat to the Big Red Machine, whether it be a heel or face. I would pick a guy like Batista, but you could even use the Undertaker again because there is history there. If none of those are used, you could maybe even use an up and coming star who would look like a convincing threat. Either way create some kind of feud that puts Kane in a heated battle. I would personally go with Batista because his size is an intimidating threat to Kane. None the less have this wrestler attack Kane from behind one match viciously with some kind of good reason for his attack, causing Kane to lose or disqualifing his opponent. Kane's fury is than awakened more than ever before and he becomes like a madman on the loose willing to stop at nothing for redemption, thus recreating the maniac monster side of him we once saw.

I would keep the feud going strong for a little while eventually leading to some sort of anything goes type of match/falls count anywhere, just an all out brawl so to speak. This match would end with Kanes rival throwing him in some sort of fire, whether it be a dumpster with a huge fire inside, a car blowing up(which would be my personal choice), if the bookers used their imagine they could come up with many different results. Any who Kane(a stunt dummy of course.) is set fire only to disappear for a month or two or more. His rival would gain a lot of recognition and attention from the angle thus making him more of a highlight on the show(an up and comer could receive a good push from this).

Months later Kane returns once again as the man behind the mask and is after whoever it was who set him afire. Kane's appearance would be at Wrestlemania after his foe had just won a big match, thus him being in an on top of the world attitude/feeling state of mind. Lights go out, music hits(new music with a freaking chilling type of sound), Kane comes out behind a new mask with new ring attire, something maybe similar to before, but a little upgraded and his rival looks on in shock, disbelief and a little bit of fear.

Kane hits the ring and is right away attacked and knocked down to eventually do the little sit up thing he does and once he is up he just anilates his foe before tons and tons of security can stop him, but not before many of get them getting attacked and beaten by the monster of course.

Thinking of something like this happening and recreating Kane excites me because I loved the guy behind the mask when he first originated. When he first arrived he was my favorite character and at the time i thought it was the best angle. I think the recreation of Kane in this manner would make him that hot character he was once and that indestructable force that many grew to love when it orginated.

Before I end this column I want to note that as of this past Monday Night Raw, it looks as if Kane is going to be feuding with Batista and is going to be the face in the feud. I think this would be the perfect time for them to pull through with this angle. And if not Batista, the Undertaker and Kane seem to have some what reformed their alliance, Kane could turn on Taker at some point recreating a feud between the two where the Undertaker would cause Kane to go back behind the mask. Either way the opportunity clearly exists and I think it would be a great thing for the character of Kane for the WWE to take him back this direction.

Thanks everyone for reading, until next time
God speak and enjoy your week.

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