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Column Posted by SILENT THOUGHT on 02:09:30 AM Dec 2, 2009

Good evening everyone. I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday. Welcome back to the Age of Silence column. I caught Raw this past Monday, and I'm going to be fair, and admit that WWE is trying to make a better product, but it will take time to do so. The matches were average, and the skits were a little better. Like I've told many fans, WWE is trying to find their way, and the future of their company. If you are a die hard fan like me, than of course you miss the old days of Raw is War, and the attitude era. However, those days are long gone, and we have to except that, or move on. I can really feel the anger and disappointment from the fans that have emailed me, and I've been there myself, but WWE has grown into something that's bigger me and you. It's no longer wrestling, it's entertainment that really lacks the meaning of that word at times. Last night had it's moments, but it's nothing to pay for. They little to set up their main event for the upcoming pay per view. Shaemus needs a real opponent before the pay per view. He has only beat on jobbers, and is not a threat in reality. If they are gonna build him, he needs to be taken serious. Have him beat on someone worth mentioning. It's because of a lack of creativity that WWE is losing it's fan base slowly. WWE needs to rebound from the foundation of being an entertainment juggernaut, and a PG joke, and return to what the fans loved about it to begin with.

WWE is really trying to be bigger than anything we could have ever thought. However, I question if that's the best move for all parties. WWE is global and is ruling with an iron fist of power, but I wonder how long will this last. A fan asked me could TNA overtake WWE with the recent addition of Hogan, and I personally think it could happen. WWE isn't really giving people what they want. The matches have been good, but the drama and story lines that made them must see tv are gone. The writers lack a feel for the common fan that got WWE where they are now, which has caused a lot of people to give up wrestling all together. The superstars are involved in the same things with the same people. This TLC pay per view just shows that they are just digging for an identity. They are desperate to make that money, but what they are providing isn't worth it. Even the Raw guest host is a desperation for ratings, but that can't last forever. WWE needs better everything at the moment.

Though I've never watched TNA, I have to think that Hogan wants to make a point again. I believe he will when he gets the chance. Hogan has vision, but he has to keep his ego in check. With hogan comes respect, fans, money, and media attention. TNA has a nice little roster of wrestlers that I grew up loving that actually wrestler and tell stories with their motions in the ring. Just imagine if TNA gets some more bigger stars ( legends). People who have grown tired of WWE's lack of effort to produce a good product may switch shows. With all that in mind, they can make a run with WWE. I'm sure people didn't think Hogan would have a presence when he first arrived in WCW, but he did and it let to us seeing some of the best damn wrestling and wrestlers ever. In order for me to see that wrestling again, I'm forced to watch old DVDs. I've ask myself over and over how did wrestling die. To me it was because of greed and ego. WWE let so many talented people go because of ego and not communicating. Imagine if they stop trying to be so damn global. Kurt Angle may have stayed, Austin's body may not have been beaten up so bad. These guys take a lot for doing something that makes people smile, and then they are tossed aside because of greed and ego. If TNA can make WWE better, than I say let the WAR BEGIN TO SAVE WRESTLING. I don't about you guys, but if I'm spending my last dollar in a recession, than WWE entertainment needs to be entertaining again.

That's it for today. Keep up the feedback and comments at silent_thought21@yahoo.com,and remember never let your thoughts be silent.

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