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Column Posted by Trev Winters on 11:11:20 PM Mar 4, 2010

There have been 5 wrestlers released from the roster of the WWE so far. Charlie Haas, Shane Helms, Paul Burchill, WWE Diva Maria, and referee Scott Armstrong with more coming. Shane Helms is no surprise, Paul Burchill couldnít find a fan base, Scott Armstrong will be a whisper in the wind, but the big surprise was Maria. She is set to be on Celebrity Apprentice on March 14th, so I canít imagine why they dumped her. But with all things being equal she hasnít been around for quite awhile, so getting rid of her isnít a big deal to the Powers That Be in the federation. I wonít be surprised if Shane Helms winds up in the TNA down the line, but the rest of the releases no one will really care about, and that includes Maria. She has the looks, but the wrestling ability just isnít there. This other point is totally off in a different direction, but Umagaís final cause of death was released: Acute toxicity due to combined effects of hydrocodone, carisoprodol, and diazepam. More over, it was a lethal combination of painkillers, muscle relaxers, and anti-anxiety medication. Itís hard to believe he was able to get all of these types of drugs all at one time, but if you can find the right doctor to get you the drugs, you can do some real damage to yourself. The body can only take so much before it shuts down, no matter how old a person is. Rest in Peace Umaga, but I am willing to bet you are not the last wrestler this will happen to.

Now onto the list of the matches so far for Wrestlemania:

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Edge-To me I think they had Edge return way too soon. But with him being back it will be a pretty darn good match between these two. It is too early for me to fathom a guess on the winner of this one.

WWE Champion Batista vs. John Cena-This match has been a long time in coming. Batista missed last yearís Wrestlemania due to injury. I have to believe he will retain the title though in order to continue the feud through at least the summer.

The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels-Record versus Career. If HBK wants to retire from the ring he will lose. I donít think that will be the case, but is he no longer a spring chicken either. I gotta believe this year will be the year Undertakerís record is finally broken. The WWE canít find a decent new comer to boost up to main event status, so they will let HBK win this one. It will be a brutal match where both are out for sometime afterwards and then return by Summerslam.

Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon-It could be a limited type match cause we know Bret canít take a hit to the head. Street fight?? For what Bret is getting paid, I guess he will do anything for the pay check. He best just be careful in what he does is all I am saying.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match-Eight Men will be in the match, only one walks away with the briefcase. The entrants so far include Kane, Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Swagger, MVP, and Shelton Benjamin. My guess is that Kingston and Bourne will be added to this match. As far as the winner is concerned, the best contestant would be for Christian to walk away the winner.

The Miz and Big Show vs. John Morrison & R-Truth-Not much to say on this match considering the tag team division isnít all that great in this federation anyways.

My own guesses for matches:
Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase vs. Randy Orton with all entrants having their fatherís in the corners with them. I would be very surprised if Orton lost.

CM Punk vs. Rey Myserio-The rumor is that it will be a mask vs. hair match. Boy canít wonder who will win this one if that is the case. To me it wouldnít have to be a gimmick match such as this, these two are great wrestlers so why not just do a regular wrestling match?

HHH vs. Sheamus-Seeing as how HHH likes this guy, what better way for him to help him stay in the limelight and go against him at the grand daddy of all PPVís? Without HHHís help, Sheamus would be a mid-carder at best.

Moving onto TNA and moving to Monday Nights.

The rumor is RVD has been signed. WWE underutilized him toward the end of his run in the federation. Will it help people to tune in to the show? It wouldnít hurt. Heís a hell of a great athlete and I would love to see an RVD and AJ Styles match. It is with hopes that TNA use him in a way that will show his strengths.

I want TNA to do really good in the Monday Night ďWars.Ē We fans need a change up cause right now it isnít worth tuning in on that night anymore. I have been bored for so long I canít tell you. I want this to work, I want something new to occur, I want both federations to do good in the ratings because with competition it will make each show step up. It will make them rethink putting something stupid on the air just because they can. Hopefully it will be a back and forth type of competition and will make both the WWE and TNA do better in the ratings then they have in a long time.

Who else will TNA bring in? Do they really need to? I think they could just utilize what they have now and not saturate the market too quickly with new acquisitions to the federation. They need to take their time and use who they have right now and have us fans get into the storylines and wrestling abilities of their current roster. Be wise about this Monday night move and not give us everything all at once, because if they do, we will not watch. My only advice is this to TNA: Take your time and donít be stupid.

Thatís my 3 cents worth, til next timeÖÖ

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