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Column Posted by S. David Jones on 04:23:38 AM Mar 18, 2010

“A man can be destroyed but not defeated,” –-Ernest Hemingway.

Rome wasn't built in a day, the old adage goes; and neither will a rival wrestling promotion be built in one. The WWE has the benefit of a known, established, and well promoted product. Only seven and a half years ago was it the brainchild of Jeff and Jerry Jarrett to start what would go on to become TNA.

Expectations should be low, should have been set lower at the start of the Hogan era. Do we learn nothing from history? I remember a young man from Texas who played the expectations game very well. Hogan should not have stormed out on January 4th, screaming that he was going to be top dog. Maybe that was good for the crowd at Universal Studios, but looking back it was brash.

I know and have stated many times that I love the new look TNA, but let me be clear: I also loved WCW. WCW failed. So I admit, I may not be a good judge of what the wresting fan at large wants.

And speaking of humility . . . why don't we have a little; and a little patience with this new look TNA. I am speaking to you, TNA executives, as well as YOU, THE GENERAL FAN! Give it time. And ask yourself: Do you really want one major wrestling promotion again? Even if you have not grown weary of WWE, at least understand that you now have an option. So support TNA!

I know you must be thinking this a bit reactionary. Maybe you're right? But listen here: I have seen the way these money people react. I know that they see green and little else. I have seen first hand the fear factor at play when ratings slip or letters pour in. So damn right that I am especially fearful of this minor slip! But was it not one minor slip of the blade that killed de Sade? Am getting to philosophical in my old age? Moving on. . . .

All the above was written over the weekend two weeks ago. All I can say is that the Monday night TNA debut was a stinker, and having hit fast forward during Raw, saw nothing much better there. I do not know what TNA was thinking. The only exciting moment being the Sting heel turn. Sting turning heel was the only true surprise TNA was capable of pulling off--which they did--which was long overdue.

Did anyone catch the Last Call With Scott Hall featuring “Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko? Larry was one of the great heels in wrestling, in his prime, in AWA, in the 1980's; and one has to wonder what in the hell WCW was thinking when they booked him as a face in the 1990's.

As for this past Monday . . . . (comment deleted by the author).

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