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Column Posted by Wes Wrestling on 11:29:17 AM Mar 23, 2010

Well, here we go on this week in WWE/TNA. With WrestleMania coming up there's alot to cover.

I'm gonna start off by saying that is TNA reminding anyone of WCW? You got the "powers that be" Hogan and Bischoff back in charge and being on camera using up alot of time that should and could be spent highlighting ALOT of the young talent that TNA has to offer. Where's Jay Lethal? Motor City Machine Guns? Daniels? and the list goes on. This is really starting to seem like history will repeat itself.

Nash turning on Eric Young, come on who didn't see that coming? It's no secret Hall and Nash are "4life" so why would they want to be on different sides? Again, Nash and Hall too old to hang anymore and next week when the Wolfpac takes on EY, Hardy and RVD their age and decline in athletism will show, I expect to see alot of x-pac, syxx-pac, waltman whatever he goes by this time around in this match.

The whole "power of the ring" thing is getting a little corny and over the top in the Hogan/Abyss vs AJ and Flair storyline. Again here you have two of TNA's best in AJ and Abyss and Hogan and Bischoff still think they need to add Flair and Hogan to the mix for the angle to get over, may be me but these two do not need any help to put on PPV quality matches, this angle is great without the two legends.

Ok, so why is in one segment you've got Bischoff telling Hogan "not to let it get personal, blah blah blah" when Hogan interjects into the AJ/Flair Vs Abyss angle, and the following week you've still got Hogan in the angle. Next you got Bischoff trying to get Jarrett to quit at all cost and trying to humilate Foley, and Hogan is telling Bischoff the same thing! Does the writers know that it's not making any sense? They are telling each other same thing, not listening to each other, and at the same time saying "we need to do what is best for the business/TNA"

Finally Hardy and RVD, what are their roles? First week in on Impact and Hogan sent Hardy after AJ, and RVD after Sting. Second week on IMpact Hogan sends Hardy and RVD after Beer Money that Bischoff just had attack Jarrett. So seems their role is to be Hogans gofers.

With all that is going on I definitely see a divide in the "Powers that be" in TNA. Hogan and Bischoff seem to wanna go in different directions, so a feud between the two in a power struggle seems to be building.

Lastly on TNA, TOO much camera time taken away from the talent. Example, last night on IMpact the show opens with Bischoff playing the friggin guitar??? WTF???? Thats 5 minutes of my life i'll never get back. Last nights impact was the first time that I didn't enjoy the whole show, and instead only a few parts.

BTW anyone know what Hardy's entrance song is?

OK, now on to WWE. I have got to say, i'm getting bored with their product on a weekly basis. I've notice somewhat of a pattern. As in its the same stuff every week, they just change the names, well, except one, John Cena.

Seriously folks, how long are we gonna have to see the WWE try to jam him down our throats? Am i mistaken in the fact that the entire arena last night during the Cena/Batista confrontation chanted "you can't wrestle"?? I'm no rocket scientist but i'm sure thats not the term fans use when showing who their favorites are.

Why does WWE have two belts on the Miz? The U.S. Title seems to have pushed to the back of the bunch since "ShowMiz" formed and won the gold. I never have been a fan of one guy holding more than 1 title at a time. From a common sense point of view, it takes away at least 1 match per ppv by doing so, and thats just a no brainer. To go along with this whats with just pairing up two random people to challenge "ShowMiz"? Didn't I hear that Joey Mercury re-singed with WWE? Why not bring him back and tag with Morrison, least that tag team makes sense.

OK, the Money In the Bank match, 10 guys?? Thats going to be a helluva mess for anyone to keep up with, and add a ladder to that, and it should be interesting. I expect Christian to come out the winner in this match.

Wrestlemania right around the corner. To be honest, i'm not excited about any of this card. McMahon vs. Hitman you know with it being a No Holds Barred match McMahon is gonna have others interfere in this match, and with the entire Hart family in attendance they will be involved somehow as well. Winner of course will be Bret "Hitman" Hart.

MIB match. I said earlier Christian wins this, long match and ALOT of high spots i'm sure.

EDGE vs Jericho. Edge of course. Reason being, the winner of the MIB match is gonna have to use his "title shot" fast. So Edge wins, Christian wins, and the briefcase is cashed in sets up former tag team champs fighting for the ultimate prize in what should be one helluva match. Christian very underated performer, as was Edge at one point this would be the shot Christian deserves and elevates a new face into the main event picture.

Batista vs. John Cena

Honestly depends on where the writers are taking this and how long they wanna run with it. Either way we are gonna get our weekly overdose of Cena. So, 4 years ago, i'd have loved to see this match, but now after years and years of Cena crammed down my neck i'm not in the least interested in this at all. Cena's character has become stale, and outdated. He is trying too hard to connect to the fans, if its not happened by now its gonna, give it up my man.

Orton vs Rhodes Vs DiBiase I can honestly say that I see Dibiase winning this. In the process, he makes Rhodes work with him, and ultimately turning on him as well. The other scenario is Orton wins, so the feud is over for him, but in the match, Rhodes or DiBiase does something to one another that sets them up to feud.

HHH vs. Sheamus HHH said it himself, matches against HHH at Mania either make em or break em as superstars. But, lets face it, it's no secret HHH really likes Sheamus behind the scenes at WWE. Not sure why but I really think HHH has a new found respect for the business since marrying Steph, and he does what's good for business now and not his career. So I expect Sheamus to go over, but the feud is not.

Finally, Rey Mysterio VS. CM Punk (rey loses he joins punks society) Mysterio been in bad places before. Lost his mask in WCW (thanks bischoff for being an idiot on that one) he's almost always the underdog, feuds with monsters compared to him Kane, Batista, Big Show, and now the SES (Straight Edge Society) basically a 3 on 1 match. But no matter who they are Little Rey Rey always puts on a great show. Punk on the other hand, may just be me but I have always just thought of him as the guy who is just there to do his job and collect the paycheck. This match doesn't make much sense in the fact that what does Rey get if he wins??? Punk has nothing to lose, but Rey has everything to lose, bad writing. Unless somehow the stipulation is added on Friday night. Just going with the odds Rey wins this one, he's always the underdog, and somehow in the end he pulls it out.

Thats it for now, remember guys and gals send that feedback and questions in!!

Til next time.........................

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