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Column Posted by Trev Winters on 11:12:31 PM Jun 14, 2010

Well I waited for the big surprise on the TNA pay per view and I didnít really see much. Iím sure having Tommy Dreamer show up wasnít the big surprise that would change TNA, at least I hope not. I just think Dixie Carter said this to get people to watch the PPV and spend money on it. There is also word going around that they will be getting rid of the amount of PPVís they have as well. Instead they will put on specials that might help to bring in the fans and more of them at that. I canít imagine what the ďbigĒ game changer will be, but it better be damn good. So far not much has happened to the ratings since the move back to Thursdays and having RVD be the Champ. There is a rumor that Paul Heyman could be joining the fed to help with storylines. Really? Game changer? I donít think so.

As far as the PPV is concerned, it was by far better than anything the WWE has put on. TNA doesnít rate their PPVís PG at all. They are grittier and more violent. The wrestlers appear to put on more of a show for us fans to enjoy then the WWE does. Thing is though, most of the wrestlers that are in the TNA are ones that were in the WWE and WCW (I know of the exceptions, so you donít need to list them for me.) So would I really want to fork over more money to see these guys in a PPV? No not really. I liked the TNA before all these guys started showing up. They were a breath of fresh air to take in and to enjoy watching what they could do in the new type of ring that they came up with as well. But ratings and money werenít forth coming, so they had to bring in the old wrestlers that we knew about. Thatís fine, but make them pay their dues to TNA. Donít give them title shots right away, make them work for it. And then we get Hulk Hogan on the show. It was a good thought. I am all Hulked out myself. I canít imagine what this game changer for TNA will be, but it better be huge. It better be bigger than bringing in Dave Batista (that isnít really a game changer for me if it does happen) or even Paul Heyman, for the life of me, I just ainít seeing a game changer that will bring in the viewers unless itís God Himself in the middle of the ring.

After last Mondayís swerve between the NXT and the WWE, Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) has been released. He was released because he choked out Justin Roberts with a tie on live television. I guess the policy of the federation is thatís a no-no to choke someone out with a tie. Even though, nothing happens in the federation without Vinceís say so. But someone had to take the fall and Daniel was the fall guy. So, chalk up wrestler number one to ďfuture endeavorsĒ with this new storyline. There was no warning, no verbal reprimand, nothing. You would think they would do something like that with all the time and effort they have put forth with the wrestler. Maybe somewhere down the line he will be rehired once things cool down from what happened. With this new swerve in storylines, I guess Iíll have to change my guess as far as the winner in the Fatal Four Way between Cena, Edge, Sheamus, and Orton. At first my thought is they will

put the belt on Sheamus, but now I have rethought my guess. Unfortunately, I have to predict that Cena will come out a winner, setting up a summer feud between Cena and the NXT winner Wade Barrett and of course the rest of the NXT wrestlers (or see below for a different idea) Even though Bret Hart fired the NXT guys, I really doubt that will stick. And as far as Wade not getting a shot at the title, yeah right.

Royal Pains star Mark Feuerstein (I like the show but having him host, no way) was the guest host for this past Raw, what better reason then now to get rid of this idiotic idea it was painful to witness. I will keep repeating it until it get through to the writers of the WWE, this guest host thing has jumped the shark and needs to be gone from the show. PLEASE!!!!!!

The rest of the show was subpar at best and not really worth my Monday night to watch it. Well except for Evan Bourne and Chris Jerichoís match. Evan was once again showing us why he is worth time to watch-now itís time to give him a chance at a title. Iím not saying give him the title right away, but put him in contention for a belt (I-C or US), as the summer goes on maybe it will happen. The main event between Cena and Orton vs. Edge and Sheamus was one that was moving at a snailís pace and was predictable at best. The entire Raw roster at the top of the ramp didnít make me think better of the show either. After the NXT kidnapped Bret at the end and destroyed a lot of cars, and left him in a heap, we donít even know what happened at the end of the match. Go figure, the writers donít even know what their doing. What I wouldnít mind seeing is Cena in a major swerve and attack Orton at the PPV along with the NXT faction and declare that he will lead NXT into ďgreatness.Ē Now that would be a great swerve no fan would have seen coming. (except me of course)-isnít time Cena turns heel? I know it rings like the NWO when Hogan joined up, but what else can the federation do to make this an interesting storyline? What do you think about that idea?

You have to call it some poor planning on the WWEís part concerning the PPV that is taking place on the 20th. There are only 3 matches announced for this thing with only days to go before it takes place. Why in the world would anyone pay for something like this? 3 matches with one being a Divas Championship Fatal 4 way? I can tell you that wouldnít make me too excited for the thing. As far as buys for the thing will go, I will bet it will be one of the lowest of the year. This is just another reason not to have a PPV every month. How about every other or every third month. WWE wonít do that, they are greedy and think putting on a PPV every month is a good money maker. Not!!

Thatís my 3 cents worth, til next timeÖÖ

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