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Column Posted by Wes Wrestling on 1:19:19 PM Jun 26, 2010

Hey Everyone!!

After a long hiatus from writing here at TWNP, and after reading some columns and the comments that follow i've decided to write a column here and there, just not every week. (Take a hint WWE).

So let's see, where to start? Well, considering that alot of the comments/rants/arguements seem to be hating on TNA or WWE, or which is better, I'll go over MY pros and cons of each company.

TNA PROS. I see TNA as something fresh, granted most of what we see is WWE's "throw aways". The storylines and overall attitude are totally different than WWE's "PG rated" programming.

Rising young guys like Lethal, and the use of the guys that were Mid Carders in WWE like Mr. Anderson are really adding to the overall product and showcasing that these guys that the WWE feel can't/won't get over can actually do.

Tag team division is actually exsistent in TNA. Just about every week we see a tag match involving an actual tag team and not two guys just stuck together.

Womens division, unlike WWE's womens division these ladies can actually wrestle. Well, at least 90% of them can.

Finally TNA's best pro, just like the "Attitude Era" of the WWE, right now TNA is not afraid to kinda push the envelope if you will. Granted they don't do much "shock tv", but they are way over the "PG rating".


The obvious first. They are internationally known, and televised each week (not sure how internationally televised TNA is). So they are of course appealling to a larger audience.

The characters in WWE are established, fans know these guys/girls and know what they are getting from them.

WWE has been around a long time, they already know what works and doesn't work, and very rarely do they make the same mistake twice.

Larger roster, and two primetime tv shows each and every week.

For both companies these are just a few examples, and for me they are the obvious ones, but yet make a difference in who they are and their success overall.

TNA Cons.

Basically TNA is still in their "infancy" as alot of people still don't know enough about them and don't watch. Some are afraid of change.

Characters not well established, this applies to the "TNA Originals" more so.

TOO MUCH HOGAN!! I'm sorry, but he can't wrestle any more, so he needs to stay in backstage, not out in front of the camera.

Not enough TV time. They have alot of talent to showcase and not enought time each week to showcase it.


PG Rating. Contrary to popular belief, it really is hindering their overall product. No Blood, and if an accidentall bleeding occurs they stop the match?? WTF is that???

Failure to add the young guys into the main event level. John Morrison, is a perfect example. He is in my very honest opinion the next Shawn Michaels, he just needs the push to get there. He's got all the talent to get it done.

Same guys in the Title picture each month. Cena specifically. Ties in with the last con.

Storylines, sorry, but to me they are getting and some has been stale and predictable.

Thats just a few for each. There are many more, and i'm sure some feel the same and some don't. Thats fine with me, to each his own. For me, I know each week I record Raw, Impact, and Smackdown on my DVR. I use the fast forward button alot more on Raw than I do on Impact, and since I can get spoilers telling me what happens on Smackdown, I rarely even watch that show. Basically, TNA neesds to get more exsposure and WWE needs to get more creative.

The one angle right now that has me baffled, irritated, etc. is the Undertakers "vegetative state" I mean come on WWE get with it. Everyone there knows that with the internet, everyone knows that Taker is out with broken orbital bone, its a very dumb angle as far as i'm concerned. I truely feel the payoff for this angle is gonna suck big time.

Best angle in Wrestling right now for me, is probably a toss up between "The Nexus" and basically the WWE. Reminding anyone of the NWO vs. WCW angle??? And, the Abyss's somewhat of a heel turn.

There seems to be some suprises on the brink in TNA with the Abyss angle as he kept saying "when THEY get here" with who "THEY" are. Then with the Tommy Dreamer appearances with Raven and Richards. Who knows where its going, maybe the internet rumors of a supossed "ECW Crew" in TNA are true. Only one way to find out is to tune in each week until they are revealed.

Well, in a nutshell, i'm sure comments will be posted on this column and i'm sure some won't be good, and some will. Doesn't matter to me either way. Fact is having TNA and WWE on TV is great for us fans. Look at what its done, it has created the arguement over which is better. That means that at sometime or another both sides of the arguement have watched both companies, and i'm sure they enjoyed certain parts of each just not the whole show.

Well, if you leave any questions, i'll get to them the next time I feel like posting.

Til Next Time.....................

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