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 Vent, Rage, Purge, Cheer...have some...won't you?
Column Posted by Graboidz on 09:10:55 AM Jul 21, 2010

It's been quite awhile since I've posted anything here at TWNP. There are many reasons (excuses) I could throw out for not posting;
Stale product offering.....
Porn Addiction.....
All familiar stuff to everyone on this site.

I think (and thank) Trev Winters who seems to be just about the only consistent columnist here on TWNP. Whether you agree with Trev or not, at least he provides a reason to click on the Column tab more weeks than not.

Now onto the meat of this non-column. I think one of the funnest aspects of visiting TWNP daily are the exchanges between readers at the bottom of the columns.

Piyush and Jamal alone have provided me with quite a few laughs over the past few months, Guest's trolling is funny too..(I'm just surprised so many have responded to his rants??)
But I also like that there is some decent conversation sprinkled around the snarky comments.

So basically, what I want to provide at least once a week, is a sounding board for my fellow readers. It seems that the columns are the catalyst for the comments...and since there have been so few columns...I want to provide a weekly place for folks to come in an vent. I won't bore you with wrestling analysis, or get into why one federation is better or worse than the other.

That is for you the reader to comment upon below.

And if you just want to post junk about what a "stupid excuse for a column this is"..Great! Go for it. If you want to post something about "Inception" or "Predators" instead of wrestling, do that to. Why not?

If this idea fails, oh well, I don't mind waiting another year to think up something else.

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