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 This Column was Taped a Week Ago
Column Posted by Graboidz on 09:10:43 AM Aug 3, 2010

Last week I posted a ton of rating numbers, and pointed out how RAW was actually doing pretty well for a Cable show in this day and age.

RAW posted a decent rating last week (actually the best number it's had this year) Vince and all of his investors have to be happy that the Nexus angle seems to be pulling in viewers just in time for SummerSlam.

But here is the rub, RAW and WWE could lose some of that momentum this week by presenting a taped episode of RAW. Thanks to the tour of Europe (let's hope there in no volcanic eruption this time preventing the roster from getting home) RAW was taped last week and we got that stale show last night.

I have to say I rarely tune into Smackdown, simply because I always read the spoilers posted on this website. And unless something sounds "Must See", I'm fine following the storylines through print.

I have to admit I bypassed RAW this week, I read the "spoilers" posted online here, and it really sounded like a re-hash of last week's show, there really wasn't a "I have to see that" type moment on the show.

Personally, I think Vince missed a golden opportunity with last night's RAW. Instead of throwing on a stale show that was basically a "place holder" episode...he should have gone a totally different route by having Nexus take over RAW. He should have let Nexus "take out" the main roster of guys (that way Cena, Edge, Jericho etc. could handle the European tour) Let Nexus beat up on some mid-carders or throw in a couple Smackdown headliners to get beaten up...either way it would have been something different and would have created buzz. If done right it would have made Nexus look really strong before their debut headlining a PPV.

So let me ask you guys:

1. Did you watch RAW or simply read the spoilers?
2. If you are a Smackdown viewer, do you read the spoilers regularly?
3. Instead of presenting a week-old show before one of the biggest PPV's of the year how would you have handled last nights RAW?

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