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Column Posted by Trev Winters on 00:30:38 AM Aug 4, 2010

Due to Raw being taped and not live, I looked online and checked to see if it was worth seeing this past Monday. Needless to say I didn’t want to spend my Monday watching the show. All it seemed to be was a big argument between the “Cena or Jericho” Summerslam team. My hope is at Summerslam the Nexus beats the living tar out of the Raw Superstar team. If the WWE wants to keep this story going and to show the fans that this team is an unstoppable force, they will have Nexus win the main event of the night. Hands down that’s what needs to be done. If the writers decide to have Nexus lose at this PPV, they may as well drop the idea of it altogether. My other hope is we will see a Cena heel turn at this event as well. Not just the normal heel turn, he needs to turn and also join Nexus. Yes I know it sounds too much when Hogan turned and joined the Outsiders and formed the NOW. But this needs to happen for Nexus to succeed in the coming months as well. It would be good for them as well as Cena and WWE. The taped show didn’t help the ratings for the federation, but with live shows the ratings have been steadily rising since Nexus came upon the scene, so there must be something to this storyline that the fans like. Now lets take it up a notch and continue with it….but the question is, will the writers do the right thing in order for it to keep going?

Here’s a question for you will Ted Dibiase jr. reach the plateau that his father did back in the late 80’s and early 90’s? Does he have the mic skills and the in ring talent as his dear old dad did? It is without question he has the talent to be in the ring. The problem is he has some work ahead of him to make it to the place that his father reached. That’s pretty much the reason Maryse is acting as his personal assistant to get him over. The WWE is hoping to get him a step further up the ladder by having her at his side. It has been a long time since a wrestler had something as this for their storyline and maybe the writers are looking back to the 80’s and 90’s for the ideas now. Managers or personal assistants haven’t been around in a long freakin time in the WWE and I for one would like to see more wrestlers have them. It helped to elevate so many of the wrestlers of the past, I can only imagine it working for some of these up and comers in this generation. (Who could forget managers like Bobby Heenan, Fuji, Jimmy Hart, Classie Freddie Blassie, or even Lou Albano.) The other person that helped the career of a wrestler is Paul Heyman when he came out as Brock Lesnar’s manager. At first Brock came out as a monster and didn’t say a word. Then when Paul was put in as his mouth piece, he only got better and reached main event status. You have to admit many of these young wrestlers don’t have the best mic skills and their in ring abilities could use some work, so why not throw in a manager that is great on the mic and able to bring out the best the wrestler has as an athlete. It couldn’t hurt. I think Ted jr. has what it takes to be just as good as his father, if not better, it just might take awhile.

Now here’s a flip side to a good idea and his name is Cody Rhodes. Since he broke off with Ted and went to Smackdown to be on his own, the writers came up with a persona called Dashing Cody Rhodes. How many out there think this will put the kibosh to a promising lengthy wrestling career? I only have to look to his father and see what Vince did with a legendary career and put the man in polka dots and his brother in a jumpsuit being billed as Goldust (his brother did have sometime in the spotlight as Intercontinental Champion but in the end he is a mid card wrestler at best). You have to believe this is what awaits Cody as well. He might win the IC belt down the line, but his reality will be forever mid to lower card status and nothing more. There’s nothing wrong with being in mid card status in the federation, there really isn’t, but there are so many young wrestlers right now that could do so much better if given the chance. But gimmicks like this one won’t help much. The same can be said for Michael McGillicutty (Joe Hennig) he’s a third generation wrestler that has the in ring ability and the mic skills to go far in this business, so I have no clue why they are using this goofy ass name. It bewilders the mind what the federation thinks at times (well a lot of the time).

My thoughts on the matches (so far) for the upcoming Summerslam PPV are Sheamus going over Randy Orton. What, you say?? Orton is better at going for the title than having it. Besides, I think Sheamus is coming into his own as the champ and I would like to see him have it for a long time to come. You have to admit he is better on the mic than Jack Swagger (and look how short of a title reign he had) so you would have to think the WWE would let him have this title for a longer reign than Swagger and besides he does have better charisma than Swagger has as well. If Undertaker is healed from his injuries he will show up at Summerslam and at least reveal to all that Kane is the one that put him in a coma (storyline of course). So as far as a winner between he and Mysterio, I am going with Kane. Setting up a feud between Kane and Undertaker. You already know my thoughts on the Nexus and Raw Superstars match (lets hope it comes true).

Just saw the new video that Batista did for ovarian cancer, quite good I must say, if you want to see it, copy and paste in your browser…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQAk8G0jInw

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……

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