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Column Posted by Trev Winters on 12:23:04 PM Aug 16, 2010

Aside from Daniel Bryan appearing at Summerslam, the rest of the PPV wasn’t much of a surprise. As far as Nexus losing to the Raw team is concerned, I thought it was a dumb move on the writers parts. Many of you readers were sick and tired of seeing Nexus beating on the Raw roster for the past many weeks. But as far as going into a PPV and having them lose, STUPID idea. If you want the faction to seem unbeatable, don’t let them lose the first time they are all in a PPV as a team. The heat from last Monday’s Raw should have been a clue to have the team win at one of the bigger PPV’s of the year. Instead they allow Cena to STF the leader of the group to which he pretty much tapped right away. The least Barrett could have done was hung in the hold and pass out from the pain (yes that has been done before, but it would show us that Barrett is a force to be reckoned with.) Well that didn’t happen, they had to have the go to guy win the match so it would sell more merchandise for the company. My heel turn of Cena didn’t happen either (to which I say it should have-but again-the company looks to the almighty dollar). If there would have been a Cena heel turn I can guarantee the ratings for the show would be bigger than they have been for weeks. People would tune in to see why he did it. But it didn’t happen, so they won’t. What will Nexus do now that they have been cut down? They aren’t the unstoppable force they were being built up to be, bad idea WWE, real bad.

The one good thing that happened from the PPV was Sheamus retaining the title against Orton. But that also leads one to believe that because Sheamus was DQ’d in the match, Orton still has another chance at the title at the next PPV. He didn’t lose the match so the stipulation to losing went out the door. Are we looking at a possible Cage match for these two in September? Maybe, but again if it does happen, I still want Sheamus to win. He’s a great heel, the crowd hates him, he is good on the mic, and he’s not a bad performer either. Why then would the powers that be take the belt from a man such as that? With Daniel Bryan returning to the WWE, you have to imagine he will be going against The Miz for the United States Championship right quick. After Miz interfered in the match to cause Bryan to be pinned, the possibility is there. The unfortunate thing is, and this I will only assume right now, that Bryan will be turned face to do this. I loved him as the heel and being a heel he was really good at it. Maybe after he beats Miz, he will turn back to heel, cause lets face facts here, he won’t be going over very well as a face. It just doesn’t fit his personality, he is the type of guy that just needs to be a heel.

No surprise that the Undertaker returned at this PPV either. Saw it coming a mile away. But what I didn’t see coming was what happened after Kane took care of Mysterio. Kane powerbombing the Undertaker when he just returned was a surprise. Generally when the Undertaker returns from such a long “hiatus” he cleans house and is victorious in anything he does. Not this time. They made him appear to be pale (more than usual anyways) and weak so that Kane would appear strong and powerful. This is only beginning for us with another Kane vs. Undertaker feud. Been a few years, guess I can deal with it again if I have to. Melina is once again champ. The Divas Championship doesn’t really hold much clout for me, and actually the whole woman’s division needs to be revamped. They are boring as hell and need to do something different, that’s all I will say about this subject. The Big Show defeating SES was no surprise. I guess the group has run its course. Mercury will go his own way (MNM maybe?) and Punk was good on his own anyways. Who knows maybe he will clean house and dump Mercury and bring in someone else to revamp his group and keep it going. This PPV could have been so much better in all aspects, but the focus was the Raw roster vs. Nexus, which was a letdown to this fan. I wanted so much more from this thing and didn’t get it. Was it a memorable Summerslam? Not in my eyes it wasn’t.….

Even though there are many out there that still don’t like TNA, I am still a fan. I may not be able to watch it all the time, but with having EV 2.0 on the show, it has helped to step it up to another level in my eyes. Throwing in Flair’s group will only help them garner more fans-I hope. The amount of blood that RVD had on him from the “attack” by Abyss was a bit extreme, but whatcha gonna do? They got the point across to say they are willing to put as much blood on the screen as it takes to show they are not shy about it. (unlike WWE that has a no blood rule, no gloves rule-except for Undertaker, and keep the show to PG as much as possible) Last year at this time I was thinking TNA was bound for collapse. But with the infusion of EV 2.0, Flair’s group-Fourtune, a great tag team division, and more wrestlers that we actually care about, I think they are well on their way to better ratings and success down the road. As I have always said about TNA and their tag team division, they are number one right now. These tag teams are what a division should be in a federation-not the joke (two actual teams) that WWE has. Hey WWE wake up and smell what the fans want, they want more tag teams and a division to give a s*&t about. Will you actually do it? Probably not…..

My condolences go out to Lance Cade’s family and friends. He was too damn young to go. I always thought he was well on his way to a great career until 2008 when the WWE came to a decision to dismiss him from the federation. May God watch over your family in this time of grief, peace.

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……

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