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 A Good Way to Kill 3 Minutes of Your Workday
Column Posted by Graboidz on 11:22:42 AM Aug 25, 2010

So basically RAW was stuck in neutral again this week as we got another taped episode. The only big news coming out of the show is that we are stuck with yet another multi-player main event at the Night of Champions pay per view.
I’m tired of these multi-wrestler main events. WWE feels it’s necessary to plug the entire roster into the PPV so we get stuck with these matches at most pay per views, and they are usually poorly booked. It gets old watching someone lay on the floor “hurt” until they are needed to break up a pin attempt. Then they’ll take a few minutes in the ring knocking someone else out to who is “hurt” until they are needed to break up a pin attempt. I would much rather see two guys square off against each other and tell me a compelling story within the match, I don’t want to see a “spot-fest” where guys trade big moves and everyone tries to cram in their finisher at some point.
Sheamus berating the kids in attendance was pretty funny though….

Okay, onto something else entirely now.

Back at the beginning of the summer, WWE has on Rampage Jackson and a couple of the other guys from “The A-Team” as guest hosts. It went over about as well as most of these guest host segments do (or at least as well as non-wrestler guest host segments go). So WWE spent some time and energy promoting “The A-Team” and did it’s best to tie in an odd Mr. T-Wrestlemania 1 angle with Jackson facing Roddy Piper (I guess Piper’s issue is actually with the character of B.A. Baracus and it doesn’t really matter who the man is playing him???).
Why am I bringing this up 3 months later you may be asking, well I’ll tell you.
Last night I went to see “The Expendables”. You may have heard of it, it’s been the number 1 movie two weeks in a row now. Lo and behold guess who is playing the main bad guy? (Well the main bad guy is actually played by Eric Roberts, but his # 2 guys is none other than…) Steve Austin, as in Stone Cold Steve Austin. Arguably Steve Austin is the biggest WWE star of all time, and we know how Vince loves to schmooze with the mainstream entertainment community…so it seems like a no brainer. Have Austin come in to promote the flick on RAW, even a 1 time pop as a guest host would’ve popped the rating, and given “The Expendables” that extra promotion any summer film would be happy to get.
Yet it didn’t happen. Why?
Is it because “The Expendables” wasn’t done through the WWE films division? It is because there is only room for 1 movie star on RAW and they’ve decided to just let Cena run with the ball? Was the offer even made to Austin to come in?
I have no idea.

But to me it looks like Vince missed a golden opportunity to link his product to a successful film something he hasn’t been able to do since The Rock first hit Hollywood over a decade ago. I simply don’t get it.
So in conclusion, at this point I’m not too thrilled with the Night of Champions…and you should go see “The Expendables”.
There..I hope that wasted a little of your workday.

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