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Column Posted by XKon on 5:40:42 PM Aug 31, 2010

I know last time I said I would put up a column about why those previously mentioned names belong in the Hall of Fame, but that will have to wait a day or two longer. I had a couple quick things I need to mention now.

I wanted to comment on the loss of Luna Vachon. Considering last month she lost her house, and everything she owned, I don't know I'd say I'm all that shocked some sort of pills were involved. It's very sad, I always thought she was extremely underused, and the comments I read from Gangrel were honestly beautiful. Goodbye, Angelle. Thank you for the memories you gave us...

On to last night's 900th Raw - I think it was boring as hell. I admit, I got excited as hell when I heard Austin's music, hoping that he'd make a special appearance for the occasion. Then very slightly hoping for a Rock appearance. Something was needed, and not there. I read on this site that someone thought last night's Elimination match was a strong Main Event. What the hell are you smoking? The main even was worthless, and the last 4-5 eliminations were nothing but 13 second spot-fests.

I keep reading a lot saying that Angelina Love and Velvet Sky think LayCool is a beautiful People ripoff. Are they? Only in the way that they try to present them as a women's power duo. The fact is, Velvet & Angelina got where they are working their asses off; Layla and Michelle both got in through those stupid ass Diva contests. Plus, Michelle is married to the Undertaker, so she gets a little more tv time than she really should. God they're anoying. But the way Michelle denies the ripoff is ridiculous; she blatantly copies AJ Styles "Styles Clash" with her "Faith Breaker" finisher, then claims she's never seen AJ wrestle. Right...

Speaking of annoying, how long do we need to see Vickie Guerrero? Can she leave again? I think she's tarnishing Eddie's name by sticking around, and playing in these ridiculous angles. By the way, if she is the assistant to the GM, how does she have more power than Teddy?

Finally, I have to admit that Big Show mentioning Eddie last night, then looking up, did make me tear up a little. Starting with Rick Rude in April 1999, we have lost a lot of men in this 11 years. Shows like last night give us memories of people I watched growing up, and give us sadness when we remember they're gone. As just a short list, I would like to thank some of my favorites for the memories they have given me - Andre, Eddie G, Owen, Ravishing, Perfect, Earthquake, Bossman, the Von Erichs, Chris Candido, Davey Boy, Bryan Adams, Air Pillman, Miss Elizabeth, Benoit, and most of all, Hawk. I watched the Pillman and Road Warriors dvd's again recently - and they still hit me pretty tough each time. I know personally that I'll be very saddened when we hear anything like that with Bobby Heenan and Dusty Rhodes. Two of the best ever, and it breaks my heart every time I hear of more health problems for the Weasel. Hang in there, Bobby - we love you....

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