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Column Posted by Wes Wrestling on 3:05:12 PM Sep 2, 2010

Since no questions ever come in for me to answer, the next time I post a article, it will be titled Rants & Raves.

So onto wrestling.

I wanna start by talking about the "anonymous RAW GM". Please let it end NOW!!! I know i'm not alone on this thought, just listen to the audience's when Michael Cole gets up there "and I quote". My God is it annoying to get interupted in the middle of a good back and forth promo, or arguement, or brawl. If WWE wants to have a GM on Raw, get an actual person. Any idiot that watches RAW can tell every thing that Michael Cole will have to say during an episode is already scripted on the computer to begin with, so why the hell do they do this dumb sh!t????? Don't believe me, next time they have the camera angle over Cole's shoulder, look at the computer screen, its a whole page full of writing.

Other things WWE related. I have to say I missed most of the 900th episode, as my DVR had a conflict of recordings that night, really need another DVR so the mrs. can record her shows without interupting mine. But, from I have read, and did get to see, I didn't miss anything special.

I gotta do a little piece on Cena. I'll admit when he first came on the scene with the rapper gimmick, I liked it, and he played the role well. But, since the rapper gimmick died, and he's being pushed as "superhuman" i'm tired of seeing the guy on TV. When Cena is in a match, no matter if its 1 on 1 or tag, or anything else. There is only three outcomes. 1. Cena gets his arse handed to him for the better part of the match, then suddenly wins. 2. Outside intereference resulting in him losing, thus he never loses cleanly. 3. The odds are against him, and it's a handicap situation so everyone thinks there's no way he wins and he makes the other guys look like wimps and cleans them out. It's getting really old, and the same things over and over. When he comes to the ring depending on the situation you can almost predict what the outcome is gonna be. I don't know if it is WWE creative doing this, Vince, or whoever, but they really need to wake up and change this. Most of the world knows this is scripted entertainment, but damn it I at least want you to make me believe it has some kind of realism.

Randy Orton, how quickly has his tide turned??? From being a monster heel that nobody liked, to argueably THE top babyface in WWE right now. Have to say, he's the guy I tune in to watch right now. I dig the tattoo's, ( if you like tats, google his and really look at them, GREAT work) the attitude, the "crazy" gimmick he uses before his finisher. It's all there, the feud with he and Sheamus was going great, this 6 pack challenge match at the PPV I think takes away from that, but hopefully they continue the feud through it, with either Sheamus retaining or Orton winning the strap.

So the WWE wants to unify all the titles, hmmm, hasn't that been done before??????? I can see the reasoning behind doin so with the tag straps, strictly because of the lack of tag teams in the whole company. World titles, has been done, and it really gave a weird feel to me. Example. Champ is in feud with top star on Raw, what does the top guy on Smackdown go for???? Storyline wise, I think it's a dumb move, but if done correctly could add some exciting matches that we haven't seen yet. Same thing goes for the U.S./Intercontinental, which to me are 2 different belts and should stay that way.

On to TNA.

Start off by saying I will be attending the house show they are putting on in Woodstock, VA this weekend. Just to let you guys know the details on that. The event is actually the "Shenandoah County Fair", yes a fair. The most expensive ticket/ringside seats, was $50 bucks and gave you backstage access to meet and greet the performers. Just shows how low budget they still are, but I'm excited to see these guys live, especially in 90 degree heat outside.

The EV2.0, i'm sorry I like these guys, but here we are again taking TV time away from the young guys that deserve the TV time, to put on some old dudes. When was the last time we seen Jay Lethal on TV? Eric Young with his "i'm goofy" gimmick, poor guy will never get a real chance in TNA, sad because he's got real talent.

I'm gonna give a few that hit right at the top of my head of OLD guys that shouldn't be in prime feuds on TV and the young guns that deserve and need the time.

OLD- yet we still see them every week, and we shouldn't.

Sting, Jarrett, Nash, Hogan, Flair(but thank god he doesn't do much other than talk) EV2.0 (all of em). Now I know it doesn't seem like a big list, but imagine in a 2hr broadcast these guys get anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 of the show as a whole.

Young'ns that need/deserve it.
Jay Lethal, MCMG, Eric Young (with a real gimmick, not the stupid one he has now.) Pope, Hernandez, Somoa Joe (why isn't he in any angles??????) and the entire xdivision.

The Abyss v EV2.0, what a dumb angle. First we get the Texas Chainsaw massacre with RVD backstage( again, where's the realism, any fool could tell it wasn't real, I laughed my arse off when they showed RVD that night). Now, at the House show this weekend looks like this goes on there to, as they are advertising Abyss vs. Rhino, i'm assuming it will be the "hardcore" match for the night. Seriously though, TNA needs to produce who the "they" are that Abyss keeps referring to. I wonder if the reason it's been drug out so long is because TNA was hoping to sign someone and it didn't pan out like they had hoped, so they are struggling to fill in that piece of the puzzle???

I agree with with the one columnist who questioned the World Title tourney when they have a "top 10" rankings. Sorry, but I read em all, and can't remember names for sh!t. So he stated that with the top 10, when the belt became vacant, the top 2 should've fought to determine the champ. I agree, but to add to that, I think it would be great to make that a best of 5 or best of 7, depending on who the TOP 2 was at that time, could be for great matches. Anyone remember Benoit v Booker T??? Great series.

I really feel, that there is so much underused talent in TNA. TNA should really push for another show or a show like "Saturday Nights Main Event" for WWE or "Clash of Champions" for WCW, one night a month. Sadly this is what PPV's each month has taken away from the fans. TNA just really in my opinion needs another show 2 hrs on a different night to showcase these guys and get them out there. Right now, the direction they are heading, IF they have 1-2 guys out for "vacation" and then 2-3 get hurt(legit) they have to use these young guys,and nobodies gonna watch because we have no idea who the hell they are.

There's alot more, but I just got bored and read some news and articles and felt like posting.

Later Haters.

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