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 I'm Not Hypnotized
Column Posted by d2wyce on 11:41:11 PM Sep 9, 2010

The Internet Wrestling Community is Self-Abusive

What is a community? The Dictionary refers to a community as ďa social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.Ē So, one could infer that The Internet Wrestling Community is a place where people gather in cyberspace to share their common interest of wrestling. But, this isnít just one single place, or rather: one single ďcommunity.Ē The IWC consists of many websites that post and discuss the latest news in the wrestling world. Sometimes people read the news and then post their own comments voicing their opinions, much like a popular news website or Youtube.

Itís one thing to visit a website, read its news, and then move on. But thatís not all of what the IWC is. It is fueled by the opinionated fan base. If news is posted and no one could secretly post their opinions, this news genre would not exist. So, what makes the IWC any different than Facebook or Twitter in todayís world? Whatís the point of its existence? The difference is that even though comments posted on most websites are negative, the IWC is largely looked down upon by the main focus of its news: the wrestlers. Sure, you could visit a political news site such as a Republican forum. Most of what you will read will be Democrat bashing, which is supposed to make all the Democrats angry. But with the IWC, folks will bash each other as well as their favorite wrestlers and storylines. But they are actually bashing themselves in this situation, as there is no anti-IWC group to retaliate. Whatís the point of watching wrestling, reading about wrestling, and writing about wrestling if your only thoughts are negative? Well, the point is that most of the IWC fans love wrestling, and merely voice their opinions about what they donít like in its current state.

But there is another aspect to the IWC, and this is an aspect that is part of all comment-based sites: the insulting and degradation of other fellow IWC members. Sure, we can insult John Cena and his awful talent all we want, we are here to discuss wrestling. But once we start insulting each other things are taken to another level. What sort of ďcommunityĒ is it if no oneís opinions and views are taken seriously, or even respected? Itís not a very good one.

Isnít it obvious that we need more respect from the outside world for enjoying the wrestling genre? Even with the new ďPGĒ initiative, people will always look down upon professional wrestling, unless there is a change made. And the main change needs to lie with the fans. But it seems obvious most fans do not care about this, whatsoever.

So please, if you desire to continuously make all wrestling fans look idiotic and hoosier, keep posting nasty comments. Keep insulting everyone and everything just to make yourself feel better. But if you desire to gain respect for us fans, please discontinue this behavior. The IWC needs to be a place that is different than other social networking sites. It needs to shine in a positive light. Itís not a place where people come to tell everyone what they did that day, itís a place where fans come for only one thing: wrestling. Itís one thing to disagree, itís another thing to act as the wrestling stereo type says you should.

Itís been said that the IWC is a very small fraction of the entire wrestling fan base. But it seems that small fraction is a very conceited number. And this number is the bad apple that is spoiling the whole bunch. They seem to have better answers than the actual wrestlers and the professional writing staff. This can be debated, as these things are just personal opinions, but the IWCís abuse upon itself sends out a very bad message to the rest of the world.

Donít be hypnotized.

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