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Column Posted by Ian Hamilton on 7:40:39 PM Oct 11, 2010

The Art of Unpredictability

Good Evening all, this is another addition of The Art of. I am your host Ian. The Great Hambino was the stupidest gimmick I could have created. It was lame and my writing was all over the place. I am working on improving that and I am dropping this loud obnoxious gimmick. While I still may swear gratuitously once in awhile this is going to be straight to the point as best I can do.

So I have been watching every show that is on except NXT I barely watched it before and now that it is a diva one and on the net I will pass. I even purchased my first PPV in years HITC I was pleasantly surprised by the matches except for the Orton Vs Sheamus match which I hated. But one thing is missing something memorable a huge spot a crazy turn of events and unexpected win something. Now the WWF is still entertaining if you can watch it without passing judgment and thinking about future pushes and booking and so on and so forth. BUTT..ha ha I said butt. Entertaining TV and must see TV is two different things. While WWF is still entertaining it is not must see TV that is what WCW had when it took over the ratings and that is what WWF had also when it came roaring back. Unpredictability was a huge thing. What was Mr. McMahon, Austin or DX going to do next. Who is the now going to join or attack. Paul Heyman hit it on the nail. Wrestling is not cool. It was cool in the 80's and the attitude era but then the bubble burst. We need some unpredictability some drama and last but not least action. Not constant comedy bits and half hour long promos.

I will give TNA credit they are trying so hard to do this and come up with something new. Problem is you are not going to do that with the same old crew. Remove your whole writing team especially Russo and Bischoff and Hogan just stick around as idea guys and on air talent. Heyman had it right start over from scratch. Do something different. I think what would be huge is ROH and TNA working together. Joint PPVS have three nights of 2 hour shows. Tuesdays Thursday and Saturday. You cant tell me that Spike has something better to air. But you need to utilize the time better more action less talk. And get rid of reaction. No one wants to watch guys KAYSHOOT. These tools are shooting in kayfabe. That is so lame.

To have unpredictability you need to start small. They need to bring back managers first. With this you can start stables and see who is going to join who. Have guys taking wrestlers from one another. You have unpredictability and storylines. Also bring back The Barber Shop , Pipers Pit and The Snake Pit. Serious, you get the easy legend pops and you have forums for wrestlers to promo. Plus you are giving these other guys jobs again. What is going to happen on the show next week by week have random guest and even more random attacks. No more VIP lounge Cutting edge Peep show or any other lame ass gimmick. We all know-w what is going to happen on these shows especially when you have The Cutting Edge with guest Jack Swagger. Hmm I wonder what will happen. Its getting stale. Create new ones for old legends. Bring back Scott Hall and have him to a Last Call with Scott Hall. Get something from these guys you are sending to rehab. You cant just throw anyone up there and you can't gimmick it up too much or it will be stupid.

So I am done ranting and raving. Till next time folks.

Keep Painting the town red.

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