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Column Posted by Trev Winters on 01:35:03 AM Nov 3, 2010

Now that Linda McMahon lost her bid in politics, will the WWE drop this whole idea of PG television? Will they go back to blood, tits, and extreme violence to bring in the ratings? Would it actually bring in the ratings if they drop the PG rating? Something has to give and to help bring in more viewers, I wouldn’t doubt this will gradually play out over the ensuing months. The federation doesn’t have anything to lose. Their edginess needs to return cause it’s damn near impossible to sit through 2 plus hours of the product they are putting out right now. I may not agree with what they will probably set forth by 2011, but in order to bring in ratings I see this as a huge possibility and besides it needs to be done, both for the federation and the fans alike.

I’m still trying to figure out why they even put Vince, Freddie Prinze Jr., Stephanie, and the voice of HHH on the show. Filler? Political filler to help his wife? If that was the case, we now all know that didn’t help. Having a Blumenthal poster stuck to Vince’s ass didn’t help matters either. He’s probably more then happy that she lost the race so that things can get back to normal once again. Hell, the “Kiss My Ass Club” will more then likely “rear” its ugly backside soon enough.

So the stipulations for Cena at Survivor Series is if Barrett loses the match against Orton, Cena is fired right on the spot, or if Barrett wins the title, Cena is free of his obligations of being in Nexus. Now does fired mean fired from the WWE completely, or just off of Raw? The WWE Universe could mean those two things, it’s hard to say. Now that Orton is face and getting a fan response that rivals Cena, would the WWE move Cena over to Smackdown? It would keep him face so they could still sell a ton of his merchandise and keep him around in the WWE. Or have him count Orton and then Barrett gets the title. Cena is free from Nexus, which gives him free reign to STF Barrett in the middle of the ring which sets up the Miz to cash in his MITB thus making Barrett lose the title that same night. That would seem the logic thing to do. I still see a heel turn in Cena’s future and this would be the time to do it as well. It’s still too soon to say what will happen, but these are what I am thinking about when it comes to what the writers are considering with Cena….thoughts??

Just when you think the Tag Team division might have some chance of coming out of the cellar, they tear apart another team. The Hart Dynasty is on the verge of a break up, so will we even care that they do? I could careless. How about you? They haven’t been a team long enough to care that they are breaking up. So what if they have the “Hart” name? It hasn’t really been much of a Dynasty in my eyes. They should have been called the Hart Travesty. That seems to be the thing with tag teams in the WWE, put them together and before you know it, split them up. Who really cares about this division? Oh boy, they have new belts. Whooppee ding dong. New belts don’t make a good division. They should just mothball the whole damn thing until they get some decent tag teams together and actually keep them together for more then a year. Cripes!

I’m still waiting to see Kaval actually make a big impact on Smackdown…..I thought he was supposed to be this great thing. Maybe it’s just me. Nah, doubt it. Just watch Smackdown this week and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

As of right now, is anyone going to fork over money for the Survivor Series when it comes around in a few weeks on PPV? Will the show have the classic matches of 5 on 5 or even 4 on 4? I hope so. I have always looked forward to this particular PPV every year, but I am getting real tired of all the PPV’s that are just thrown together on the fly and mean absolutely nothing. This has been the case of soooo many PPV’s as of recent years that quantity isn’t always quality. Take it for what it’s worth. More isn’t always better. This point has been brought up by Anonymous Raw General Manager and I couldn’t agree more. Please WWE, reduce the PPV’s and give us some that we really want to pay for and will actually enjoy for once!!

One final word, gotta mention the new show The Walking Dead on AMC, great stuff folks, if you like that kinda thing. Not your usual zombie show that’s for sure. I would recommend this one….trust me, you’ll love it. Course not everyone takes my word for it…your loss, believe me.

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time….

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