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Column Posted by T.K. Money on 3:16:53 PM Nov 5, 2010

Hello Readers,

Welcome to the first issue of Totally TNA. Let me start off by saying it is good to be back here in TWNP thanks Shawn. Now that all that is done we can move on, Totally TNA is just what the title says; meaning I am NOT covering anything about WWE. I do not watch WWE, once in awhile I hit WWE.com to see who the champs are and who is no longer employed by WWE; if you want WWE material check with other columnist here at TWNP I am sure you will get the WWE fix you need.

(drum roll)

TNA right now is going down hill but slowly and could reverse it's course if...

1.) Stop the Hogan/Bischoff re-hash of 1980-1999. I understand it is 2010 but Booker, Stevie Ray, Macho Man, and the rest of the nWo are NOT there in TNA. The best part is they are not going to be either. Yes the nWo was great for wrestling as a whole because it brought in fans and made wrestling popular to the masses. However when it comes to popularity it always runs it's course, for example: in 1970's there was PONG and the Pet Rock. These things are not around and if they are still they are not readily available to the masses, there is good reason for that though as time has progressed and now we have XBOX 360's, PS3's and Betta Fish. The trends are still here but have made movement forward by replacing the parts with better counterparts. I'm sorry but Jeff Hardy vs. Anderson does not replace any of the old nWo feuds.

2.) Jeff Hardy: It is not that he does not fit the edgy gimmicks needed to bring in or bring back the fans that want alternative to as I feel he is doing that job well from a wrestling point; it is his place as a heel that just falls short. Jeff just can't be a heel, it's not that he actually can't do it; it is the fact that for years in was a face. Everyone has come accustomed to it, sure Hogan did it but Hogan's case is different. The difference is Hogan has done many things outside of wrestling to avoid the typecasting problem; he even played the heel role in Rocky III! Jeff just has a band that can't seem to produce anything, much less stay together. Jeff Hardy needs to breakout of the face role and calling yourself the "Anti-Christ" when no one other then the writers do just is not going to cut it. Aligning yourself with Bischoff/Hogan was a great idea, if it progresses and this thing has not. I am however giving props because Jeff did create the phase "I did not sell out, I bought in."

3.) Jeff Jarrett: Again this is more on the mic then anything. For three weeks in a row, we have heard the "I'm sorry... that I did not kick you @ss earlier" line used once for Joe and twice for Angle; and come up with your own line don't take Hardy's that is all he has other then two weeks of the same video spliced two different ways. If your hurt phone-in, fans need to hear you not the same playback two weeks in a row.

4.) Hulk Hogan: Your leader of the whole thing is M.I.A! I understand the circumstances. However, you are a character in this story so you kinda need to be present. I know back surgery, painful I got it they are I myself have had one. This was done before "they" showed up if you can't make it then push it back until you can make it.

5.) "They": While TNA wins the Gold Cup for saving money by bringing no one in, they get the little plastic trophy for "trying". I still have yet to wrap my mind around the idea of turning 3 guys over for just 1. Nash/Pope and Sting all turn heel then walk out faces for just 1 Jeff Hardy turn? First, that fact that Sting was coming off as a heel and TNA was succeeding was an amazing feat. Second, Nash/Sting just one show later leave; does not make any sense. Sting has always been a good draw, so you build story on 3 guys and then 2 of the 3 building blocks are replaced with faces that had not finished their runs, Hogan/Bischoff, what is up with that?

6.) Unclear feuds: Hogan/Bischoff join Fortune so now the SuperGroup takes on...who again? The merger of the two groups is nice I admit because I hope the fall will be good, but who are their counterparts? Dixie was it, and now they wrote her out with the whole "Trickery" theme; and then their was none. Even if the angle is Dixie Vs. the Dicks of TNA... um Mrs. Salinas we need you on the set! Not to mention, no one is challenging them as a group; they are being challenged by separate feuds. This seems like a way to cover all your bases and on paper it looks good but on T.V. it looks really unorganized.

7.) Time: Again, Hogan/Bischoff join Fortune so now the SuperGroup takes on...who again? It has been three weeks, and NO HEROS JUST VIllAINS. To illustrate this weakness, I will ask this question... Does Spider-Man wait until Doc Oc or any incarnation of the Goblins have destroyed the town before he makes the save and the epic battle begins? The Answer...OH HELL NO!!!! Their were small clashes then one huge clash, with exception of Iron-Man 2, that ended with good over evil; if only for a short while. How long must TNA wait for a hero? Will it be before the company files for Chapter 11 or after when all the assets are liquidated to pay the creditors and a former writer says "ya know fellas we should have brought in the hero sooner" only to get the look of "sure now you tell us" from Jeff Jarrett and Panda Energy.

Until Next Time...

T.K. Money

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