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Column Posted by Trev Winters on 11:20:47 PM Dec 7, 2010

And I quote…….

It would appear as if the WWE is back on track not giving much airtime to the new current WWE Champion Miz. His name isn’t Cena, Orton, or HHH, so why would they? If you want to promote something that’s new, you need to jam it down our throats until we are so sick of it then we don’t want to see it again for a long time—kinda like Cena. With the Cean firing storyline I was hoping we weren’t going to see him until Royal Rumble, boy was I wrong. Instead we get the, “if there’s a ticket to be bought, I’m going to buy it and be right there so no fan will miss me” storyline. To me it would have been better if he would have been gone for a month or two to refresh his gimmick, but that was too much to ask of the WWE. The Powers that Be believe without Cena, the whole Raw show would fold and be nothing without him. Please….This is getting to be the same story we have seen in the past. In my opinion, Miz has shown he isn’t the Marty Jannetty of the tag team group he was once involved with. Ever since I can remember on MTV’s Road Rules he stated he would be the WWE Champion one day. His dream came true on November 22nd, but will it really mean something? Does WWE have faith in him to let him hold this title for more than 30, 60, even 90 days? If they do what they have done in the past with other title holders, his first title reign won’t last very long. If the federation wants to promote new blood, they need to promote it, not bury it. The WWE Championship needs to be defended week in and week out without fail, yes I know, that rarely happens now. But lets go for something different and do that. Defend it, whether it’s with midcarders or main eventers, give the Miz time in the limelight instead of interfering in Riley’s matches. If you’re gonna have a guy like Riley, he should be doing the interfering-why not, Miz is a heel, that’s what happens. Heel heat is needed for Miz, But the writers also need to show us fans that he can wrestle. The match between Miz and Lawler was a good one, give us another the next week, not a match where it’s Riley vs. Orton with interference from the Miz. That was bad booking if you ask me. They could have had Miz go against R-Truth or something, at least then he is part of a match instead being off to the side and not really being used. He has the talent, let him use it. Cripes!!!

So Nexus gave an ultimatum to Barrett, you either hire Cena back or you’re out of Nexus. I’d say let him be kicked out of Nexus. To me he has outgrown the group anyways. It almost looks as if Otunga could be a good replacement leader for the group. Barrett is a big fella, he has the in-ring ability to take on anyone and he’s pretty articulate on the mic as well. He could move on from the group and take on Cena all his own and move up the ladder as far as what we fans think of him. They could book him as a coward that needs the group (as they do now), or book him as an almost unstoppable wrestler that doesn’t need a special group to move up the ranks in the WWE. It worked for the Rock, so why not Barrett? Trust me, I’m not putting Barrett in the same frame as the Rock, not at all, but to make more break out stars, this would be the way to help transcend Barrett to main event status in the federation. He’s doing pretty good right now, I would just like to see him go out on his own and say he doesn’t need the Nexus to succeed. That would open up a lot of fans eyes to the man and his abilities.

And now for something you haven’t already heard from me (not!!)…… we have new Tag Team Champions in Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella only because (surprise!!) Cena distracted Gabriel. Man we can’t get rid of the guy can we?? But I digress, I like Marella and it’s about time Kozlov got some kind of a title for his troubles. Will the team last? With the way things happen in the WWE, you can never tell. So it’s doubtful I’m sure. Will having Marella and Kozlov help me to change my mind about the sad state of affairs this division is in? NOPE!! They are still throwing together two guys that haven’t had more then 2 seconds of time to get to know one another as a tag team and we are all expected to accept them as a divine tag team. I want teams that mean something, as they did in the past. I always liked The Hart Foundation, Killer Bees, Demolition, Road Warriors, Minnesota Wrecking Crew, Brain Busters, The Nasty Boys, the list could go on and on. Where are the tag teams now? Oh yeah, they keep getting broken up by Vincent Kennedy McMahon. But if you’ve been a regular reading of this article, I have said all this a dozen times about the division and for that I am sorry. If it ever changes, I will quit pissing and moaning about it. If TNA can make a damn decent division on less money, why can’t Vince with the money roll that he has at his disposal. Ya got me.…..

Other miscellaneous thoughts I have…..I’m not sad to see MVP asked for and received his release from the company. He was a good heel and everything and a damn fine United States Champion, but since becoming face, I gotta say whenever he was on the boob tube I turned the channel. He was stale and I couldn’t get into his nice guy gimmick. Whatever good luck to ya. Slammy’s are next week and for three hours maybe it will be worth watching. Who will be crowned the Superstar of the Year? How about Match of the Year? How about idiot that shouldn’t be wrestling award-well that should be an award don’t ya think? How about Moment of the Year?? What are your thoughts on the Slammy’s? Will you tune in just for those and not the wrestling? I might have to tune into an episode of Men of a Certain Age on TNT if the Slammy’s suck, wouldn’t be the first time. Or Hoarders is always a good show to catch too.

By the way I would love to have what Malice is smoking……

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time….

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