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 Rants &; Raves- WrestleMania Pt. 1
Column Posted by Wes Wrestling on 2:02:38 PM Mar 31, 2011

So, the main reason for this column is because NOBODY is putting out new columns. I remember when I first started coming to this site, there was a new column at least every other day. Now we are lucky to see one column every other week.

So just as some columnist have done in the past, i'm just gonna do a quick rundown of the Mania matches and my predictions of the outcomes.

Where to begin??? The big one Taker vs HHH??? Championship match with possible controversy with the Rock??? Snooki?? Ok, we know how thats gonna turn out.

The BIG ONE!!! The STREAK!!! Taker vs. HHH.
I for one feel the streak should NEVER be broken. I've read HHH feels the same way, and also that on the new DX dvd set being release HBK and HHH are talking about neither being able to end the streak, so who knows. BUT, I still feel the Deadman takes this, just doesn't make sense to end it. I mean come on, how many more years does Taker have in him? Can't be many.

Taker wins.

Cena Vs Miz.

I seriously don't know here. I feel like the WWE writers have actually done a horrible job marketing this match. Simply because of the Rock's involvement with Cena, it's pushed Miz out of the picture really, with the exception of the last 2 weeks of Raw. The question everyone has "is the Rock gonna interfere" then after that it's "is it to help Cena and make it fair since Miz has Riley or is The Rock gonna cost Cena the belt?" Hell if I know, but I don't see him helping Cena win it. Thats not saying Cena WON'T win, but I don't see the Rock being involved until after the match is over. I see this match going DQ. Riley interferes or Miz gets DQ'd on purpose so he keeps the belt, and then he hightails it outta the ring area, leaving Cena in the ring ALONE!! DA DA DA. "IF YA SMELL....." comes across the speakers and we have the Rock vs cena in a brawl/beatdown. I don't know why WWE has put the Rock in such a huge spotlight if he's just goin back to hollywood after this mondays Raw. Now IF the Rock were to hang around for a couple of months, that would be great, but I don't see it happening.

So winner, Cena by DQ, followed by Rock vs Cena showdown. I definitely see The Rock getting the better of Cena this time around.

EDGE vs Alberto Del Rio.

It's on Smackdown, which as i've said before I don't watch very often. But, with the push Del Rio's been given since his arrival in WWE, it only makes sense for him to go over here. Just really wish he'd come up with a better finisher.

Del Rio new champ.

Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan.

As much talent has Bryan has, the WWE don't know what to do with the guy. I hate to say it, but I don't see Bryan being in WWE much longer. He can't be happy with the way he's being done. Sheamus is supposedly getting over the "KOTR Curse" so I don't see him losing the strap. IF he loses it will be DQ or countout, Sheamus retains here.

Winner Sheamus.

Randy Orton vs CM Punk.

Now this is 1 of 2 matches that really can be booked to go either way and the storyline can continue or end. Punk can introduce a "new" member to the Nexus and they help him win, or Orton can just get a victory despite the bad wheel. Either way, I expect a great match with these two.

Winner, on a limb, CM Punk.

Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio

This is the 2nd of the two that can go either way and continue or end the storyline. But with this one I feel theres an exception to that. IF Rey wins, the story must end, because that means Cody didn't get his "payback". IF Cody wins, they can continue the story for a 3rd match or "rubbermatch". Downside here is Rey will be carrying this match, as I feel Cody isn't near as talented as Rey.

Winner, Cody, some kind of dirty underhanded tactic will come into play i'm sure. After all Cody is the "heel".

Morrison, Stratus, Snooki vs Ziggler and Laycool.

Come one seriously??? couldn't we of just had Morrison and Trish vs Ziggler and Laycool with Snooki on the outside as a "manager". I mean really thats all we are getting anyways, but damn. This match is easy they are not gonna bring in a "celebrity"(and I use that term very loosely) to lose.

Winners Morrison, Trish, and the Jersey Trash.

The 8 man tag match. Kane, Big Show, Santino, and Koslov vs The Corre

First off, the bit at the end of the tag match on Raw was pretty good, definitely outta character for Kane, but entertaining, none the less. I guess I was wrong, there are 3 matches that can go either way, but really, this match along with the Morrison, trish, snooki, vs Ziggler and Laycool are just fillers.

Winner, hold on let me flip a coin.........................Corre.

To wrap it up we have Jerry Lawler Vs. Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger, plus Stone Cold Steve Austin as special referee. WOW. I can't believe how much TV time WWE has put into this storyline. The announcers taking up time at the BIGGEST PPV in pro wrestling, in the ring. Poor Lawler, his first match at a WM, and it's against an anouncer, a guy who's never wrestled. So, here's how I see it going, Lawlers OWNS Cole (DUH) to the point of Swagger trying to interfere, of course STONE COLD STUNNER on Swagger, and Lawler wins easily. IF Lawler is booked to lose this match, it will be just horrible booking. IF the WWE is still trying to give itself even 1% of legitimacy, there's no way Cole wins this. My question is, no matter the outcome, how the hell you gonna have 2 guys doing commentary on the same show who hate each other going forward? Is Cole gonna be stuck in that damn box from now on? if so, Lawler should cut the cables going into it.

Winner, Lawler.

The thing I really hope to be seen and ended at Mania is the whole "Anonymous Raw GM" angle. IT's run it's course and it's now time to be over. How long before this ends. It's getting retarded at this point. Especially when chances are, it's just gonna be revealed as being Vince McMahon anyways.

Well, thats it, just throwing something out there for you guys to read and discuss. Probably on Monday night/Tuesday afternoon, i'll post the 2nd part to this Column. Recapping Mani and Raw, and seeing how close my predictions were, so it will more than likely be a big column.

Til then, Later Haters.........

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