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Column Posted by Andrew Vincent on 7:24:05 PM Apr 1, 2011

Before I get into my topic today I want everyone to ask himself or herself this question and answer it truthfully. When was the last time you actually felt you could say with pride that I'm a wrestling fan, when it was something that you would frequently talk about or even bring up to a stranger?. Maybe even better yet when was the last time you may have not been ashamed or a little disgruntled to say that your a wrestling fan?. The truth is that wrestling at one point was so exciting, so entertaining and so popular that many people were into it, but over the years its become less and less entertaining that many have turned away and stopped watching.

Now anyone who is a die hard wrestling fan is still watching, however how many of us die hards who still watch are fans with pride and openly talk about it to our friends, a random stranger or even display; say on a facebook profile or my space space page that you are still a wrestling fan?.

I will answer that question for myself, wrestling has gotten to the point where I still watch because I have hope or hopes that things will get better or as interesting as they once were say around 1996-2000 when everything was happening in wrestling.

None the less it's not particularly something that I bring up in a group to start conversation, say post on my facebook or a my space page, because honestly most of my friends who used like wrestling gave up on it long ago. In general a good majority of people 25 and up(my age range) lost a lot of interest long ago and wrestling is no longer much of a popular thing. Now I do still watch frequently because in my heart I will always be a wrestling fan, but right now I don't watch with pride and its very rare after watching either a TNA or WWE show that I say to myself, "WOW THAT WAS A GREAT SHOW". I think if I'm fully honest with myself I often find myself finding more wrong with a show than good and I find myself saying "why in the world was that on the show or did that happen, what are they thinking". Sometimes and more so lately especially with TNA I find myself catching up on the show after it aired on TV and sometimes missing it altogether because something more exciting comes up. When wrestling had that strong appeal in the era of !996 and beyond, that was never the case and wrestling was more exciting to me than anything else, to the point where I would cancel other plans to watch it.

Most of what we see today in wrestling isn't much different than what we've seen in the past and I think because creatively neither company is able to come up with something so fresh, new and exciting that captures people attention, like WCW did with the nWo or when the WWE created whole attitude era.

Right now I watch every week hoping a star will be created that resembles the responses guys like Goldberg, The Rock, Steve Austin, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Sting, Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior got when they came out to the ring. Reactions from the fans where you could barely hear anything but the cheers of the people throughout the arena or for a strong heel, boos that might even over power theme music of the wrestler coming to the ring. Right now I can't say that there is any particular wrestler that baffles me on how great he is all around and makes me sit at the edge of my seat when I watch or that makes me feel like “I can't wait to watch next week's show to see what he does or what’s gonna happen next”.

I'm not saying that there are no guys right now who have potential to be that next big star or guys who can catch peoples attention, draw new fans and maybe even makes wrestling popular again. There are few guys in either promotion that if booked properly or given the right angle could create a good buzz in wrestling once again, guys like Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Desmonde Wolfe, Deangelo Dinero, Daniel Bryan, John Morrisson, Mr. Anderson, CM Punk. Alberto Del Rio and and Christopher Daniels. Everyone’s opinion may vary, but these are some of the guys that I see have the most potential if booked right to be huge stars in the future.

The fact is I believe the talent to be pushed for the future and made into stars is there, but actually being made or pushed into being stars is a complete different story and this has been a problem in both organizations for quite some time based on what I've seen. No superstar is given a chance to live up to their potential or given the right storyline or fresh new angle that draws peoples attention and gets them over in a way that captures peoples hearts. Until either company comes up with something for a rising star ,wrestling will be continue to be what it is and a shell of its former self in the attitude era time frame.

One thing I think highly contributes to wrestling having very little interest appeal compared to the appeal it used to have, is too many silly angles or storylines that are existent in wrestling, way too much talking and most of all not enough in ring action. Recently I’ve been watching some old school wrestling videos and for the most part, old WCW Nitro episodes from the 1996 time range.

I believe WCW did things right at that time; they had lots of in ring action, but still had plenty of interviews giving guys a chance to show character as well address their feuds or rivalries. It was either a short interview before or after the match or both and than quickly on to the next match. I believe much like than wrestling needs more of that less talk more action, but of course with new fresh angles.

Another thing WCW did was at the beginning of the show the announcers always did a brief recap of the previous weeks show with thoughts and opinions of what happened the week before and often at the end of the show they put some perspective on everything that happened on that particular night. I thought that really set the tone of the show and helped get people into things and refreshed their memories and that's regardless of whether or not you liked or agreed with any of the opinions or thoughts of the commentators.

Moving forward let’s take an example from TNA in what we shouldn’t see and this whole Jeff Jarrett/Karen Jarrett former wife of Kurt Angle and the whole wedding angle. This not only had to be one of the most boring, wasteful and stupidest things TNA has put on TV all year, but just a classic example of something that has been done before more than once. Now it wasn’t interesting the first time and surely won’t be interesting 5-10 years after the first one was done. This sort of stuff doesn’t belong in wrestling and do you honestly think it would attract a new viewer who tunes in or even someone who previously watched wrestling years ago and stopped watching? I sincerely doubt it as stupid things like this are what turned many away from wrestling to begin with and if people want to see weddings, unrealistic phony love triangles and romances they would watch soap operas. None of this resembles wrestling in anyway or should and why these dimwits who are in charge in TNA don’t realize it is beyond me.

If wrestling can’t create story lines and heated rivalries without all this unnecessary nonsense it will never truly resemble what wrestling should be or what people are interested in seeing. How I long to watch a wrestling show without saying frequently “why must I have been subjected to seeing this nonsense that has nothing to do with wrestling”. As noted before I watch because deep down inside I will always love wrestling and I have hopes that one day it will be as interesting as it was back in the day when everyone was watching. I have hope that one day again I can say with pride “I’m a wrestling fan” and not have that thought in my head of telling all my friends that don’t watch wrestling anymore that I still do. Most of all wouldn’t it be great if wrestling once again got to that point where all your friends who don’t watch anymore actually got hooked back in because wrestling has once again become so strong.

At this point I will say WWE has been pretty good the last few months, but the problem is they always get interesting before Wrestlemania and do a good job leading up to it, but after that it tends to kind of become stale again. As far as TNA whether or not they end up doing something good on a show they end up screwing it up at some point because of poor booking or just in general don’t push enough of the real deserving stars and the guys who should be the future.

Most of the time if TNA does push a deserving star at some point the poor booking only makes their character look weak or they don’t bring out the best of their character or use them to their full potential. To me TNA is such a disappointment because I believe they have the most promise as far as talent goes, but they fail to use most of it or don’t know how to use the true strengths of their superstars to get them over and build stars. It’s extremely frustrating to watch and even though I do because deep down inside I’m still a wrestling fan in my heart, at times I ask myself, why do I still watch and sometimes consider actually not watching anymore.

Those are my thoughts and my two cents and this has been another edition of the Whole Scoop thanks for reading, best of blessings.

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