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 Rants &; Raves- WrestleMania Pt. 2
Column Posted by Wes Wrestling on 11:47:09 AM Apr 5, 2011

Got alot to cover here. Going to throw in my thoughts on Mania, the following nights Raw, and the season premier of Tough Enough. So let's get at it.....


First things first, I see that the WWE is basically removing the word "wrestling" from anything and everything related to them, they will not be known as "World Wrestling Entertainment" no longer instead will be "WWE Inc." So what do they change the name to they biggest PPV of the year to???

Now on to Mania. I'll agree with the masses about the overall feel of the PPV, BUT it still had the elaborate entrances that all Manias have, and the match between Taker and HHH was epic, and only should be done at Mania. That match should've definitely been the Main Event hands down, bar none. The PPV went downhill after that match.

The 8-man tag, and the Snooki match were excactly what I thought they'd be "fillers". The thing that pissed me off is they put these fillers out there for our money and removed a title match because of "Time Constraints" BULLSHIT. The Directv Guide had Mania aloted from 7pm eastern time (U.S.) and 12am eastern time. Five hours of PPV and the show went off the air at 11pm. They still had a whole hour of time alotted to them for the show, and with it being the biggest PPV of the year for them, they should cut nothing out and use all the time they can, as long as the audience is being entertained they aren't gonna complain about a 5 hour show.

The World Champion match opening the show?? WTF?? The match was ok, but I just felt like it was rushed to get to the finish, seemed like Del Rio and EDGE were going through the motions. A filler match would've fit to open the show better.

On to my predictions.

I said Del Rio would win the title at Mania, WRONG. Edge retained, and then proceeded to do a number on Del Rio's Rolls Royce. So I figured they would just continue the fued between the two. Instead we get Del Rio showing up on Raw in a match with Evan Bourne??? WTF? I don't know but might Del Rio be switching shows and moving over to Raw? Could explain why his push didn't get him the Championship.

I said "Cena wins by DQ, Miz keeps the belt" well, I was kinda, sorta, but not really right here. The match was deemed a double countout after a nasty bump outside of the barricade, in which Miz's head literally bounced off the concrete floor. Rock comes out and orders it restarted so he can get his payback on Cena and Miz covers Cena for the W, and still champ. Seemed like a quick match to me as well, then again could of just been because of the Taker/HHH performance.

I said CM Punk wins, but that it could go either way. Wrong again. Orton had the role of "overcoming the injury to defeat the guy who injured him" and won the match with a RKO similar to the one he gave Evan Bourne, when Evan when for his "Air Bourne" finisher. Ok Match, but nothing spectacular here.

I said Cody Rhodes would win, and hey I was right. The heel Cody used that "protective" mask and got the W. The comedy part to me was Rey's outfit looking like "Captain America".

I said Morrison, Trish, and Snooki get the win,and anyone watching knew that was gonna happen. The only time Morrison and Ziggler got involved was when Ziggler came in to break up a pin and Morrison took him out and deliverd "starship Pain" on the outside. Snooki's finishing flip and splash was kinda entertaining, as in funny to see.

I said Corre wins, and that it was coinflip and I was wrong, but didn't really matter. The match was so short I went to get a drink and missed and the whole match, and I just went to kitchen and back.

I said King wins his first Mania match, and I was wrong, but not really. He won the match, but the (ugh) "Anonymous Raw GM" says "Stone Cold" stepped his bounds as a ref and blah blah blah, Cole wins. Stunners for Josh Mathews, Booker T, and Swagger. Having good Ol' JR for the rest of the show was a blessing. Good match for entertainment purposes, but having the GM involved in the decision was pointless unless they reveal who it is in the next few weeks.

Of course the Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan didn't happen, more on that later in the Raw portion.

Taker vs HHH.

Of course I was right as would anyone who had any wrestling knowledge. The streak will not end unless Taker wants it to. I see it being 20-0 and Taker hangs em up. Great performance by these two legends. Taker took some nasty bumps during this one as did HHH, but what I was suprised to see was HHH deliver a chair shot to Takers head. Alot of near finishes, and kept the audience into the match the whole time. MATCH OF THE NIGHT hands down.

Overall Mania wasn't what we've come to expect when it' comes to WrestleMania but lets be honest here, you can only be original so many times, without running out of ideas and or repeating yourself. Wasn't a bad show but wasn't a great show either.

On to Monday Night Raw.......

So Sin Cara debuts, I had to rewind the DVR, cause as first I didn't notice the trampoline that had been slid out from under the ring, and thought damn Cara got crazy hops, but not that crazy. He's definitely gonna be exciting to watch, especially in matches with other high flyers like Evan Bourne and Rey Rey.

So, Is Del Rio on Raw now? or was it just a "swap of talent" for the night? Broadus Clay is freakin HUGE.

Not really sure why the audience was booing when Austing through out a case of beer to the TE contestants.

Hell, there really wasn't much on this weeks Raw to talk about.


WrestleMania 28 already has a Main Event??? WTF?? This could turn out very very bad. What happens if Cena gets injured and can't do Mania? I really don't know how or why they would book something this far in advance. The match will get hyped, I'm sure they'll have The Rock come back about a month or so before Mania and get it all going again.

WWE Hall OF Fame....

Well, thought it was dumb as hell to cut Sunny out of the show, even if Lay-Cool's intro was boooed outta the building, in favor for Drew Carey? Seriously?? Anyways, listening to Animal and Ellering give their speeches, really brought back some awesome memories of my childhood watching those guys. They were one of my favorites to watch back then and really didn't seem the same to see them up there without Hawk (R.I.P.)

HHH's induction speech and Shawn's acceptance speeches were just what you'd expect from these two. Great Moments. Loved HBK's opening line "strangest thing happened on what is supposed to be the biggest night in my career, I was supposed to go into the HOF and a damn Roast broke out". Best part for me was two things, 1) when HBK thanked his kids, and gave his family the xoxox's they deserve, and when the CLIQ made their return with HHH and HBK on stage, If Scott Hall would've been there would've been even better, but Hall is working on his sobriety and that is commendable.

Only thing left is Tough Enough......

Just having Stone Cold there is gonna get viewers for the first couple of weeks, at least. Last nights premier wasn't excactly something that kept me interested. I expect it to pick up. You can already see the ones that are not gonna make it. Glad the little black girl who just kept saying "give me a chance" is gone, and hopefully the one who in my opinion is lying and saying she's been doing this for 11 yrs is next. After 11 yrs and you can't do the easy shit they were doing no better than that??? Get the hell outta here. Luke definitely looks good, but I'm liking the guy who didn't drink or party it up, instead went and ran on the treadmill and worked out, cause he's doing this for all the right reasons, and to support his wife and unborn child. Also, big Eric, needs to use his mentally handicapped bro as inspiration and really put in a better effort. Oh, and the dude who's teeth fell out while running the ropes, he has the abilitly I think, it's just the learning and putting the most effort in and getting the most out. The lady's aren't going anywhere, none of them looked like they even have any kind of athletic ability. The trainers patience are definitely gonna be tested.

Well, I know it's long, and could've probably put it up as 3 columns, but I didn't and here it is..

So, Later Haters.................

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