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Column Posted by Trev Winters on 9:09:37 PM May 8, 2011

May I have your attention please……

It’s unbelievable that Randy Orton would get the title so early in the running. I was elated that Christian won the darn thing and then in less than a week he gets it taken away. I shouldn’t be surprised by this action taken by Vince McMahon. He has never had faith in Christian and the only reason he did it was for a photo op at the PPV for a send off with Edge. Ever since Christian left to go to TNA and then come back to WWE, Vince has treated the man as a second class citizen. He isn’t going to be more than mid-card status at best for the remainder of his career in the WWE. Pity because he has some of the best mic skills I have ever heard from any “performer” on these shows. He puts on one hell of a wrestling match as well and Vince just doesn’t see what a diamond in the rough he actually has. It goes without saying that Christian won’t ruffle any feathers because I’m sure the money from the WWE is some of the best he has ever seen in his life, so he will just continue to do what he has to in order to get paid what he does. I think that’s true for most everyone in the world today, you endure your job because you are thankful for the pay check, no matter how sucky that job may be. The main reason for this extreme decision is because the WWE wants to build Smackdown around Randy Orton, kinda like how they have built Raw around John Cena. It just seems odd that on both shows they have faces for the heavyweight titles, instead of a heel on one and a face on the other. Who knows why they are doing this, I myself am pretty much over this thing the writers have for Randy Orton. I never did like that he turned face, he was always better as a heel.

Kharma (Awesome Kong) has been finally revealed to us fans and it’s a great thing to see. I hope she runs rough shot over the entire Divas division in the WWE. These good looking no talented women are only there for eye candy and that gets tiring after awhile. To see Kharma in the ring is a welcome change and before too long she will be champ. Sure she’ll win the Divas Championship, but I hope they change it back to the Women’s Championship again. I never liked the idea of it being a Divas Championship, it should have stayed Women’s to begin with. I am hoping the writers don’t mess this run with her because even if she isn’t really a good looking lady, she has more wrestling talent in one finger than the whole Divas division combined. We shall see how this all pans out over the next several months ahead.

I have heard rumors that the writers are also planning to turn Khali into a heel again. Well it’s about time. Although it won’t really help how the guy wrestles because lets face facts here folks he can’t really do more than 2 or 3 moves in total in any given match. The only reason he is in the WWE is because he is very popular in India and a really big man, and we all know Vince loves the big men.

Do you see the end of Corre as I do? I never understood why they even formed as a team to begin with. And why does Wade Barrett even have the IC title? He has been involved in more matches with his “Corre” members than he has defending the title. I don’t know, I’m just not understanding this whole thing with Corre and Barrett.

Don’t be too surprised if John Cena has the title going into next years Wrestlemania. Yes I know that long for him again as champ?? Maybe the WWE wants the world to hate him by then. I could careless for the guy myself. But it’s very apparent Vince loves him and wants him to be in this light until then or even longer. It’s believed that Vince still wants the Miz to be in the spotlight as well, so maybe he will get the US Championship back since Kofi Kingston is on Raw. I can only hope that will happen.

Is anyone really caring about R-Truth’s heel turn? Maybe I will soon….It’s nice to see him owning John Morrison cause I can’t stand Morrison at all.

We all know why Sinn Cara went to Smackdown, so they could edit the crap out of his matches, so much for his big entrance into the federation. I see him being buried real quick, real soon. Pity, cause I liked the guy.

Will they repackage Mason Ryan as the next Animal or keep him in this ridiculous group? He can handle his own, so get him out of the Corre for cripes sakes and let us see what he can really do.

Don’t be too surprised if CM Punk continues to lose his matches. The reason being is because his contract is due soon. He might not re-up, so with the WWE being how they are, they will probably bury the man and have him lose the remainder of his matches, that is unless he does re-sign and then he will win some kind of a title real soon. But your guess is as good as mine.

I want to say one thing before I go, I am loving the play by play of Jim Ross and I hope they keep him around for, well, forever. I am tired of Michael Cole’s voice right now but hearing good ole JR makes most boring matches worth sitting through, just my opinion though. Oh and Shane Helms, I am hoping for a quick recovery, we are all praying for you….

That’s my 3 cents worth, til next time……

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