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Column Posted by Memphis Merlin on 1:42:07 PM Jun 29, 2011

Welcome to my first column entry. When I applied for this gig there was no action on the message board. Since I got “hired” everyone is posting again. Well maybe it’s a good thing. If I’m good I will stand out, if I suck I might get lost in the crowd.

Well, I guess I need to tell you a little bit about me but I doubt you care so this is all I will say unless asked for more. I am a wrestling fan from my early youth. I enjoy good story lines and good workers. So that being said, I miss good story lines and good workers.

I was going to give my column the title “Where has the Magic Gone?”, and probably will going forward but after seeing what happened this week I though “Magic Found?” was more appropriate.

Growing up it was easy to see the business as magical and larger than life, you’re a kid that does not know any better, but as an adult it takes a little more than pyro, a cool gimmick, and a good catch phrase to entertain. That is why the Attitude era, the NWO era, and ECW era gave wrestling its biggest jump in adult viewership than any other time before or since. And I don’t believe it was because of the cussing, ladies, or any other “adult” content. It was the realism. It was the real personalities of the WWF guys, a redneck hero in Stone Cold, the funny conceited Rock, the Undertaker giving up his deadman gimmick for the American Badass. We all knew people like that to an extent. It was the realism of the NWO invasion and power grab. Going back to most people’s high school days there was some group that dethroned the sitting click and caused everyone to flock to them. It was the bad boys doing things their way regardless of the rules, and the calling out of the WWF by name on TV. It was the realism of what the ECW guys did in and out of the ring. We all know that wrestling is predetermined, but falling off of a 16 foot tall ladder is falling off of a 16 foot tall ladder. We got that these guys were doing more actual hits than the normal bumps. So it was the realism which equals unpredictable which equals entertainment.

Now, for a while now we have been missing something that we as adult fans could grab a hold of and get excited about. Then came the Nexus angle. For about three weeks we were excited. We could not wait until the next Raw to see what they would do next. Unfortunately, the WWE did not know what to do with it and it became just another vehicle for Cena. Now we have CM Punk and the question is does the WWE know what to do? Has the WWE foung it's Magic? I see this going down only one of three ways.

1.Cena wins and Punk leaves. The End and the worst of the three.
2.Cena loses to Punk, Punk then loses to the Money in the Bank winner. Not the best angle but probably the best we can hope for. At least this way, the WWE can push someone different or use it to turn a Heel to a Face, or both. Then we would have to see what they would do with Cena, would his firing be like last time or does he need time off for a movie or injury?
3.The best but least likely. Punk wins and leaves the Champ. The only way this could happen is if the WWE and ROH or New Japan had a deal and Punk was on board. Taking that this type of crossover happened with WWF and ECW it makes it linger in the back of my mind that it could happen. If this happened it would be epic. Only the WCW belt showing up on WWF with Flair could compare to it and that story could not be used to the fullest because it was one sided. If Punk showed up in ROH with the WWE belt, the story would be gold. Crossovers, invasions, Cena showing up in ROH because he was “fired” to get the title back, the unpredictability. And most importantly to the WWE, a possible death nail in TNA.

Lets face it, ROH is more on TNA’s level than TNA on WWE’s. This type of story could push ROH to the level of if not past TNA. Then Vince would have his hand in another up and coming Federation that he can use for a farm system like FCW or take it over if it got big enough. And we all know that Vince will not be happy until all wrestling is controlled by him or out of business.

Well, that’s it. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

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