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Column Posted by Memphis Merlin on 1:39:57 PM Jul 4, 2011

A recurring theme about what is wrong with the WWE is its decision to go TVPG and its continuing push of John Cena. I believe this is not a cut and dry argument and think that the WWE can keep its current path, to a point, and please their older fan base at the same time.

Lets look at the pros first.

WWE can not survive without new fans. New fans are better if they are grown. Most of the people who I hear talk negatively about the PG era are fans of wrestling from their youth. As a father, I appreciate the PG status of their shows. If it was still the Attitude era, I would not let my son watch. If my son could not watch, he would not grow up a fan and the WWE would have one less person to buy their toys and clothing now and their PPVs when he is older.

Every generation and every promotion has had a super good guy. My generation had Hulk Hogan. The generation after me had Bret Hart and Sting. The generation after that did not have one. They saw Hogan, Hart, and Sting show a dark side. They had the NWO and DX. They had gimmicks that were short lived. They had anti heroes. Now, it might be cool for a older teenager or adult to pull for Hall and Nash or to scream Suck It, but it is not cool seeing a 10 year old do the crotch chop or tell an adult that he has two words for you. We all had the Superhero to pull for, to idolize, to put faith in. We all had an illusion that good would always prevail. We all had our person that would never fail us, not in winning or losing, but in keeping their character. This is where Cena comes in. This is were Rey Mysterio comes in. These are our kids heroes and they do a great job of carrying this torch for our heroes of the past.


The PG angle has hamstringed the creative at WWE. They feel that they have to be vanilla and predictable. They feel that they have to give us not only actions and language that is fit for 10 year olds but complexity of story lines that only a 10 year old would find riveting.

We are tiered of Cena. I happen to like the man, but we are burnt out on him. Let someone else be champ for a while without him being the main focus. Miz is champ, who does he feud with? The Nexus attacks, and who do they focus on? Cena can still be the superhero without being the main focus all of the time.


First, I say being PG is not the problem, its poor writing.
Lets take Punks promo for example. He only broke the PG rule once. It was full of passion and realism. It has made the wrestling world sit up and take notice, and it did not take a bad skit, nudity, or a heavily profanity laced speech. It pushed the PG standard just enough, but kept it in the realm. And from all reports, it was his, not a script. The fact that everyone was wondering if it was a shoot or a work should tell you something. Wrestlers used to have to live on their own creativity while cutting promos, not use teleprompters. Let these guys be real, if they can’t, find new talent that can. Find writers who are fans, not writers. I see better angle suggestions on here all the time. Why, because we are fans. We know what we would like to see, we don’t have to guess.

Split the federation.
WWE half heartedly did this with the split between Raw and Smackdown. Well, finish it. Make Raw the more kid friendly PG show. Make Smackdown the more adult driven show. Keep them separate. With Smackdown being taped, they could let the wrestlers be a little looser with their promos. They can let the blood flow more. They can do this and then edit it if it passes the threshold that they set for Smackdown.

Give someone else a chance.
Cena is a great role model for the kids. He is great at growing young fans. He does not have to be the champ most of the time and still the focus when he is not. Let him fight the Nexus with help, instead of him defeating seven guys by himself that last week destroyed him. Let him feud with someone when he is not the champ other than the champ. Let his none championship feuds take a back seat to the champ and his feuds. Start building another superhero that can help fill that role so it is not Cena all the time.

I would love to know what you think.

P.S. Please remember that today is the 235 year anniversary of some very brave and wise men pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor in order for us to have freedom. This is not the anniversary of the battle being won but of the start of the fight. Happy 4th of July, and God Bless America.


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